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Hello all i just joined and just to say hi from Norfolk .

Daz1981 6 Dec 4
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Welcome aboard.

Rock1 Level 4 Dec 18, 2018

Welcome to the mix!

Mcflewster Level 8 Dec 11, 2018

Hello from me too. I live in Northern Ireland but am in fact Scottish, born in Edinburgh. I know Norwich quite well as my brother has lived there for over forty years....Old Catton to be precise. We’re not a very active group, nothing much goes on for days at a time, but maybe you will liven things up if you have anything interesting to post.

@Daz1981 yes, I had a feeling we had too.


Hello, and welcome from Cambridge. There is plenty to discuss around here, as well as belief systems. I hope you enjoy yourself.

Red_Cat Level 7 Dec 8, 2018

Welcome. We are becoming a force for something not sure what yet.


Hello from Lincolnshire that's the equally cold and windy place just round the Wash. Good to know that there are Two of us in the North east at least, anyway if it gets told cold and bleak then at least now we have this site for distraction.

Fernapple Level 9 Dec 4, 2018

My friend Dave From Durham wishes to take issue with your claim to be from the North-East!

@Jnei Agreed, I am from the North East , the north does not start till York, (Leeds at a real push)

@Jnei Sorry, but it is hard to say where Lincolnshire is exactly.If we say east anglia, people say no. if we say east midlands people say we are not in the midlands, if we say north people say we are not in the north. We seem not to belong and to be forgotten, which can be nice sometimes. So with the trent, humber, north sea and fens/wash on four sides we are nearly an island, and with rising sea levels we will soon be just that and able to go UDI. Oh happy Yellow Bellies.

@Fernapple Yes, Lincolnshire straddles both regions, I suppose - the southern end is East Anglia, the northern end has a distinctly Northern feel. At least when global warming really takes hold you can all head into Yorkshire!

@Jnei Interestingly on a serious point, it is usual for ecologists to put the north south divide roughly on a line from the Wash to the Wirral, if you think about it it works quite well, and I go with it because at least it is real and not political, though it does cut Linc's in two.

I always find it interesting that people consider the whole of Norfolk to be South, yet Stoke-on-Trent, Derby and Nottingham to be quite North - yet the North Norfolk coast and places like Sheringham, Hunstanton and Cromer are at a similar latitude.

@Hebert54 My female relatives object to that, but I have to say its true the north is the last bastion of matriarchy. Though real dragons are nice animals and they help you to keep warm in winter.

@Hebert54 Brilliant ???

@Fernapple I have always thought of Lincolnshire as "East England". That seems to sidestep any North/South arguments. Come to think of it, wasn't there an annual event in Peterborough called "The East Of England Show"? Its home still exists: []

@Hebert54: If that is true, the Tower of London is in the North of England: [] I don't think so.

@Red_Cat The Tower of London, is as the name says in London, not England which is a quite different place.

@Fernapple London being the capital of England, I am now more confused. Or is it you? Tower of bleeding Babel, I reckon...

@Red_Cat London is where England has its capital yes, but it is a separate country like the Vatican in Italy inhabited by a people called cockneys, who do not speak English, having their own language and culture. They are kept apart from the rest of England by a barrier called the M25, thought they think of it as a ring road. They have many strange beliefs, such as thinking that they live at the centre of the earth. ( Which must mean they think of the world as flat.) They are very fearful and keep a destroyer moored on the Thames with its guns pointed at a service station on the road in, just in case they are invaded from the North. They regard all animals except for pigeons as unclean, and these are the only livestock they keep. They are very primitive and the wealthy among them display their wealth in the form of buttons, imported from abroad, which they sow all over their clothes, not seeming to understand the proper use of them.

@Fernapple Very entertaining, Fernapple, but cockneys are the people born within the sound of Bow Bells. Given the level of vehicular travel noise in London, I reckon there can't be more than twenty cockneys who can hear Bow Bells. The rest of London's population is totally mixed in origin. Even the mayor. And a country has to have somebody senior to a mayor. Maybe a stallion?

Just remembered: that old gunboat is still there because it sank a few days after they moored it. Now it can't be moved because all the barnacles have made it twice the weight it used to be. Not a lot of people know that...

@Hebert54 Watford gap that's it, I could not remember the exact location, but will now.


Hi Norfolk and Radio Norwich! Hope you enjoy your stay.

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