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Hello everyone i have just joined this group.I have no religious or political aspirations but do enjoy conversations

BillLittleford 6 Dec 30
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Welcome from the industrial north east

thank you from the sheep and wool capital of the world


Welcome. I am glad you enjoy conversations. I know that this is my preferred way of learning. Questioning and sharing interpretations of answers.

Mcflewster Level 8 Dec 30, 2018

Thank you


Welcome and greetings from Cambridge. I hope you enjoy yourself here πŸ™‚

Red_Cat Level 7 Dec 30, 2018

thankyou i will try


Hello and welcome this is the place, check out the members map to see if there is anyone near you.

Fernapple Level 9 Dec 30, 2018


Where is the members map please? I only joined a short while ago.

@Larika Look under browse members. You should see a button "Map View"


Hello and welcome...we haven’t been very active lately, but maybe your joining us will be a catalyst to galvanise us to being more active! Too much festive food and drink, and Brexit has left us almost comatose! ?. Look forward to hearing something about you. P.S. I live in that outpost across the Irish Sea called Northern Ireland,...greetings to Shrewsbury.

thankyou and i have been to both Belfast and Dublin many years ago

@BillLittleford Both great cities...not as great as the city of my birth though, Edinburgh.

@Marionville my daughter lives up that way

@BillLittleford Nice to know...where exactly?

@Marionville Polbeth West Lothian

@BillLittleford Yes....about halfway between Glasgow and Edinburgh.

@Marionville don't know i have never been there


G'day from an expat living down under.

FrayedBear Level 9 Dec 30, 2018

good afternoon to you hope all is well in your world

@BillLittleford In response to your enquiry and the time that I made my comment - a tad warm ATM.
Now though I'm currently 8:50 am. new year's Eve and it is still a very pleasant 24Β°C with prediction of 41Β°C by 10 am. with 41% chance of rain so it will be uncomfortably humid.
How is Shrewsbury and your NY Eve preparations going.

@FrayedBear i don't do new year as i live alone and my dog goes to pieces when the fireworks go off which tends to start about 6.00pm and go on till after midnight but today has been fine not too hot not too cold and no rain

@BillLittleford Such an eventful night for me that at 10.30 pm I mentioned that I had samples of single malt whiskey to try and at about 2am NYDay I reported that I had forgotten to even open one to sample it!

@FrayedBear now that is sad

@BillLittleford At least it meant that my mind was occupied by something other than drinking. ... All in all I think a positive for 2019.


Hi Bill .Welcome I lived in Shrewsbury for about forty years ,theres not many Brits on here.

Xanadutoo Level 7 Dec 30, 2018

Thankyou us Brits are indeed a rare breed. Shrewsbury is a very interesting place to be

Why is that. Have you become a land of godbotherers or simply lost your sociability - driven out by austerity, lying pollies and political correctness?

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