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Last night three teenagers died in a crush to get into a St. Patrick’s Night disco at a hotel in my local town, Cookstown, in Co. Tyrone. The three of them, two boys and a girl were 16 and 17 years of age and were all from the neighbouring town of Dungannon. This is a terrible tragedy, especially in a small community, and nearly everyone knows somebody who knows the families. It isn’t often our small town makes the National News bulletins, even during the long years of the troubles here in Northern Ireland, we thankfully managed to keep a low profile, so it came as a shock to learn of this tragedy on BBC TV this morning. A thorough investigation is now underway to find out exactly what caused this disaster, and to prevent such a tragedy being repeated.

Marionville 10 Mar 18
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Terrible thing for the families and the community.

CeliaVL Level 7 Mar 19, 2019

Yes...I’ve just heard tonight that two men have been charged wirh manslaughter.


Saddening news

Sofabeast Level 7 Mar 18, 2019

All just schoolkids.

@Marionville I just caught that on the news. I wonder if it was down to making some money for St Patricks craic?

@Sofabeast It’s a regular venue for evetsm discos etc. It is a nice hotel, well run with a good owner and staff,

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