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Freethinkers from South Asia united in London ! BOBA marches on !!

mufassil 5 Apr 27
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Wow well Done.
Go get the whole of South Asia.


What is BOBA?

According to Dr Google it’s some sort of tea!

@Geoffrey51 I think it may not be Tea in this case somehow! Acronyms abound nowadays, and unless you’re familiar with them, they convey absolutely nothing,

@Marionville yes I agree, I was being flippant😉. I thought if they were serious they’d have a website or some reference on the internet but seems not to be. Probably a vehicle for the ego of the guy who made the post.

@Geoffrey51 www,

@Geoffrey51 The man in the middle is the leader of UKIP who was a guest at one of our meetings.

@mufassil Thank is not always a given that we know what an acronym stands for.

@mufassil I trust that was enlightening!

@mufassil Tommy Robinson???

@Mcflewster No he’s called Gerard Batten I believe.

@mufassil Thanks. Noticed an error in the text. Riggs is written instead of rights.

@mufassil my concern gor you here is being allied with a group which is markedly British Nationalist. I am sure you are aware that this is an idea that preferences those born in UK. They are not known for affiliations with people outside of these borders. Be careful.