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This morning’s Programme on THE BG Questions BBC 1
Last week’s efforts were ruined by the weather and power cuts in Manchester, so this is the first I’ve seen of this series. All praise again goes to Nicky Campbell.

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The whole programme centred round definitions. The deportation of criminal immigrants centred round what was a person's self identity of citizenship.The Islamic half centred round the definition of Islamophobia.
Please understand what happens in science before any real progress can be made. In any progressive field battling theories or reaching any conclusion it is necessary to state the accepted definition you are working on OR justify a new one. The only real way of getting a new definition accepted is to show that the old definition is accepted under the new one, but that extra observable explanations can be included in the new one -making it broader ,then make it more useful to old and new followers.

If one does not declare which definitions one is working under BEFORE any discussion
, one is in danger of wasting a lot, a lot of time.
Not much sign of people willing to flex their definition ideas was shown in the programme.

Mcflewster 8 Feb 16
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