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Hello fellow Brits. I was surprised to join with only one click. No selection process!

I am delighted to find this group because I don't know of any atheist institutions in GB except for humanist groups. Now I can communicate with like-minded people from roughly the same geographical location. I am in East Anglia, retired former copywriter/art director, anti-Brexit.

I have only been a member of for about two weeks and been recently surprised to find a thread which extolls the virtues of Tolkien, a devout catholic whose work consciously embodied catholicism. Does anybody else find that odd?

Red_Cat 7 Apr 1
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I'm a fellow Cambridge dweller. I believe this city may be one of the most secular in the country, and yet (when I was uni, least) I couldn't find many active . What a shame! I think the best bet is Skeptics in the Pub.

Hi Ellievescent, Nice to meet you. I haven't encountered Skeptics In The Pub, I'll Google them. Being at the elder end of the age spectrum, I don't get out a lot at night time. One exception is my monthly workshop with the Cambridge Stanza of the Poetry Society--one coming up on Wed the 4th.

@Red_Cat They do some nice talks on interesting subjects, I must make sure I go to more!

@Ellievescent The next is on 17th July, meditation.


Hi Red_Cat - you can now communicate with someone from exactly the same geographic location... pleased to see another Cantabrigian joining us! 🙂

Jnei Level 8 Apr 4, 2018

That's great! Incidentally, you look like a Modigliani painting. Were you his model?


Welcome! You obviously know about Humanist groups in the UK and perhaps Humanists(UK)website and other non religious organisation. I would be pleased to know how you rate and or rank them as useful in full comparison with this site.

Be prepared for other surprises on this site. The films which sprang from Tolkein's work are probably the reason for his popularity here. Make a post about some amethyst authors with good stories.

Hello Mcflewster, and thanks for the welcome.

I know a few Humanists, who reckon I am one of them, but I have not done more than the basic reading on the subject. So far, this site is proving to be very useful to me. Not least because of the occasional surprise!

I haven't read anything by Amethyst authors. In fact, had not heard of them until I read your post and did a Google search. Last year I did some catching up on my reading, getting through nine historical notes: Hilary Mantel, Jane Rogers mainly. They told me plenty about how catholicism gave way to protestantism mainly in the UK. Perhaps I will post something about that one day.

Good to meet you.

There is a typo in "Make a post about some amethyst authors with good stories." It should have read "Atheist authors" . Can we switch off the auto correct here?

@Mcflewster I was wondering what the connection could be. It never occurs to me what the author's religious orientation might be.


Welcome from a fellow remainer, also in east anglia. As for tolkien, all story writers base some or all of their work on some kind of religious background.

Savage Level 7 Apr 1, 2018

Thanks for the welcome, Savage. Nice to meet you.

That aspect of writing had never occurred to me. I will give it some thought.

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