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This post is to replace one with this first line ..


It is about looking at and other religious media for research into how to conduct our own business. In other words, “Know your enemy”.
In order to see the actual site please copy and paste the URL above into the address line of your own browser, however I reproduce below the text of the ‘About section’ so as to pass my comment on it. I can understand that some will want to keep away from these sites altogether.

Because I messed up several people thought that I was promoting the site and commented accordingly. My apologies - this is a second attempt.
*****Text from the meetup site****

What we're about
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Do you struggle to connect with more institutional forms of church or religion yet yearn for a genuinely inclusive community where spirituality can be explored and deepened and where creativity is embraced?

Do you for a faith-space where it’s safe to search and disagree, where questions are welcomed and where it’s ok to be “not ok”? A place where generosity, hospitality, welcome, laughter, dialogue, prayer, justice-seeking, children, grace, worship, vulnerability, love, and a passion for life are prioritised and treasured?

Perhaps one (or more) of the following movements, approaches, writers or kers mean something to you? Richard Rohr, Anne Lamott, Rob Bell, Brene Brown, Jean Vanier, Brian Maclaren, Rachel Held Evans, Henri Nouwen, Shane Claiborne, John Bell, contemplative spirituality, the emerging/alternative church movement, mysticism, belt Festival, new monasticism, creative worship... to name but a few?

Maybe you haven’t heard of ANY of these but you are intrigued. Or you’re a skeptic who likes the idea of a wild, transformative or feels inexplicably drawn to the person of Jesus?

Perhaps you find yourself wondering if there are other people in the Newbury area asking similar questions or exploring creative ideas of faith and ity?

Anne Lamott says that “the opposite of faith is not doubt; it’s certainty”. We agree. However, there is at least one thing we are certain of: there’s no such thing as a perfect church. Such a group doesn’t exist- not here, not anywhere. We have more questions than answers. And besides, this is NOT a church. It is a conversation.

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to even one of the questions above, we’d love to hear from you and to start a connection. Thanks for reading.
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1.My first observation is on the fact that there are many other people and groups working on doubters and like the ‘swing voters ‘in elections they CAN alter the course of history. This is basically why I look at many versions of the religious media.
2.The best approach I have found in America is from a very active lady called Jennifer Hancock – look her up on google. She spreads her knowledge on Humanism and other non-belief systems on a website which sometimes charges for tutorials and on-line courses but makes her self-sufficient and therefore independent. She publishes things like “How to win an argument without actually arguing.
3. Whatever the future holds, we can only change people by finding better opposition on any point that they care to make. This goes on amongst the philosophers from both ‘sides’.
4. e.g. This lady and her named author says

“the opposite of faith is not doubt; it’s certainty”.

I would disagree. Faith is belief without evidence. To get the opposite you go with your evidence to analyse it and subsequently perform science on it. Science increases our certainty provided everyone can reproduce the same conclusion but it is never 100% certain. Getting to live without evidence is NOT a good idea, but science has not done us too badly so far – it is the bad appliers of science who do the harm.

  1. Does anyone know any of the authors on her reading list that would make the point directly above?
Mcflewster 8 Apr 13
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