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We have had two very famous very sick children lately Charlie Guard and Alfie Evans. One made it through the other did not. Both sets of parents fought very hard with the authorities and because of this that type of battle will definitely increase in number. The church has stuck its oar in with backing from American Evangelicals . My question is.... How far should the parents be able to take things through courts or should the hospitals, when they have done everything possible just give them the child and say "Do what you think (not Know) best "

Mcflewster 8 Apr 28
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I can't help but feel for parents in situations like this, and I don't know how I'd react in a similar situation. I think that I would trust the expertise of the professionals. I know now that my own judgment would be suspect. But whether I would be strong enough or rational enough to make the right decision at the time, I don't know. In light of this self doubt I think that what is best for the child should be decided by the professionals.

Sometimes I think we allow people's imaginary friends to have far too much influence on matters that affect the rest of us.


This has become typical of British society now, the lack of trust in professional people when they do not agree with you is ludicrous.
Yes a doctor can make a mistake, which is why any doctor will offer a second opinion from another doctor, however asking a doctor for second opinion from a Priest is an insult.
It is like a mechanic telling you you need a new gearbox and you saying no because you aromatherapist has sprinkled lavender oil on the clutch.
In a case where every single doctor has told you your child is effectively dead, and is only alive and in pain because of life support, saying no keep them alive and suffering based on nothing but the fact that the person objecting is a parent is an act of cruelty you would be prosecuted for it were a dog and not a child.

We have to learn to have trust again in our health professionals with nearly a decade of training behind them and huge amounts of experience, and not doubt everything they say on principle, or on the say so of so called holy men.


No child is the property of their parents. As parents our own anguish, emotion and needs are entirely and utterly secondary to the best interests of our children. We do not own them. We can't make demands on what happens to them like a piece of furniture.

Flettie Level 7 May 3, 2018

Every hospital should have a specialist with some training in medicine - perhaps even a retired doctor and the specialist's job should be that of explaining the science behind the child's illness. I believe that Alfie's "brain was being destroyed" . I do not understand how that could happen. Doctors are now beginning to rely on patients to understand their illnesses. However I would not advocate going flat out into Google without a specialist alongside you who has the time allocated to help.

Mcflewster Level 8 Apr 30, 2018

If it was my child I would fight too do everything possible.I think you should be able to go through the justice system to the limit.People have lived when doctors have declared they would die.

Coldo Level 8 Apr 28, 2018

They have every right to ask for a second opinion and if they feel that strong to take it to court. The problem we have at the moment is the evangelicals feeding the parents false information and false hope just for their own agendas .

Simon1 Level 7 Apr 28, 2018

The parents should have the right to pursue every legal avenue to do what they believe is right. What's tragic in these cases is that the parents and doctors can't arrive at an agreement at what's best for the child. It's stubbornness and refusal to let go on the part of the parents, generally.

The latest reports are that Alfie Evans has died, too. Frankly, I think that's a kinder outcome than a life bedridden, unconscious and being fed through tubes. It'll take time, but I hope his parents are able to move on, now.

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