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Mo Salah's Injury:-

Apparently some Imam has blamed Mo’s recent injury on the fact that he broke his fast for Ramadan before the Champion’s League final. Being brought up a , I knew that “our” worked in mysterious ways but evidently Allah does too, (stands to reason, I suppose as they are the same when all said and done!)

Allah has taken a rather circuitous route to vent his ire here, he has chosen a millionaire devout (Sergio Ramos) to foul him during the game and dislocate his shoulder. I would have thought it would have been better to strike him down before the match in the dressing room, but what do I know?

Such is the mystery of faith!

Tedoi 4 June 4
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All religions are guilty of this sort of nonsense. It keeps the gullible under the thumb!


Be gentle with Allah, he is, after all, only human..

Regburns Level 5 June 5, 2018

Well a certain Bishop has said that the floods in the south of England are due to gay people being happily married too so perhaps god or whatever sobriquet it is using at that moment in time is a total fuckwit or these so called holy men are all full of shit?

Hahahahahaha! Just in case you didn't get that, hahahahahaha!

Well.f,,k me. Which one was it this time? Do you know? It better not have been Peter Ball! He's the Bishop of Lewes I think, or at least was

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