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How often do you make it to a Sunday morning service, and what compels you to attend when you do?

UUNJ 8 May 13
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Tea. SINGING. Sharing our Joys and Concerns. Pot Luck. Green Sanctuary. RE. Greeting newcomers. Inviting forum speakers. Helping with newsletter. Bridging fact back to faiths. ...Celebrating the discoverer of Oxygen. ...poems of awe


I go to the Sunday morning assembly about 3 times a month. My week seems to go better when I do. I joined the Unitarian Society a few years ago and like it. Very good community.

SKH78 Level 8 May 17, 2018

I have visited 226 liberal congregations in 44 states since 1978


In my UU fellowship we do not have a minister. I think most UU's do have a minister. There is no dogma, beliefs or rituals to follow. Check into the history Of UUism. We have programs either given by members or outsiders of interest either social or of local interest in the community. I have given 5 programs myself ranging from astronomy to my adoption story. Easy and laid back with no pressure to believe anything, all welcome.

I’m a UU lay speaker also, and I speak mainly in the Northeast. I plan a road trip next year and will try to preach in at least 6 pulpits in 14 weeks. I love visiting congregations.

@UUNJ If you make it to Az. look us up. PUUF -Prescott Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. We are small and there is also Granite Peak UU in Prescott also.

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Posted by UUNJZoom worship behind. the scenes.

Posted by UUNJZoom worship behind. the scenes.

Posted by Eagle61UPDATE: I'm moving to Campus Towers Apartments on the West Side of Jacksonville, FLA in November.🚚

Posted by UUNJHere’s a photo of me holding a chalice during the worship service I delivered via Zoom to the UUs of Fallston , Maryland.

Posted by UUNJMost UU congregations are closing for a few weeks, and many of them are going online for services and meetings.

Posted by UUNJVisiting Memphis for a workshop on the OWL Sexuality Education for Older Adults curriculum I wrote.

Posted by UUNJSwitched congregations last Sunday, kicking things off by singing a song and giving a sermon on sexual pleasure and communication (the regular minister spoke on the same topic more briefly, same day.

Posted by Eagle61Ditching the Nestle-made bottled water for a while in exchange for regular old tap water; bottled water sometimes 'enlarges my prostrate' and sends me to the bathroom a couple of times overnight!🤔...

Posted by UUNJHad a first today: was singing a song at my Uu church when a visitor passed out and slumped onto her daughter.

Posted by Greg610The road to success is always under construction🚧

Posted by UUNJMy outfit for church tomorrow. I’m promoting the Movie-themed service auction. I made the costume from an $8 skirt and tops I had and sewed together. The wig is from Party City.

Posted by UUNJClimate Strike today in my UUA sidewithlove shirt

Posted by UUNJThe view from my hotel window while I’m in Spokane for UUA General Assembly.

Posted by UUNJIf you’re on Facebook, you may enjoy this lighthearted group.

Posted by UUNJAttended worship today in Salt Lake City.

Posted by UUNJAttended worship today in Salt Lake City.

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