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Sincerely Fuck You!

You who didn't so much teach me to talk as train me to say things your way

You who I hear in my head
As an infection of implication and inflection
Contorting my thoughts so I can't think straight

You who got me to gouge out myself with doubt
And handed me a scalpel

You who watch the dissection disinterested
Stopping me only to annotate "interesting" parts of my mental anatomy

You who taught me to prattle in Latin so the microscope you made me shave into my skull only left me looking alien

Until I only see homosapien, hypochondriac, hypocrite
Not the human

And my thoughts are obscured behind a fog of who's thinking them

Avouleance 4 July 12
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Whoever did that to you should be arrested!

On a serious note, that's a fine poem.

brentan Level 8 July 19, 2018

Wow! I found a complete picture of myself in your piece...a sick feeling came into the pit of my stomach! And, I have been free for years!


A friend pushed into schizophrenia by a "loving" mother not only heard voices but saw and smelt blood ouzing out of the walls. For a long time his only coping mechanism was to curl into a foetal ball and scream. No one heard or answered in the padded cell. He eventually beat the voices by recognising what they represented and why he had them. His triumph came when appplauded by a large group of psychiatrists who paid to listen to him to lecture them.

FrayedBear Level 9 July 12, 2018

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