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Last month I posted a demo version of this song by Magne Furuholmen of a-ha who composed it for the band’s upcoming album True North, but it was always known that on the finished album version he’d be back on keyboard duties and lead singer Morten Harket would be on vocals. It’s now been released, just last Friday…as a pre-release of the album which will be on sale in October…this is the finished article, filmed and recorded with the Arctic Philharmonic Orchestra inside the Arctic circle in the far north of Norway. - I’m In.

….already posted in Music Fans group on day of release - Friday 8th July….no apologies from me for posting again here! 🎶🇳🇴❤️
Marionville 10 July 10
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Not bad!

I’m pleased to note that…it’s more positive than I expected from you.

@Marionville I would have preferred more scenery!

@rogerbenham It’s only an excerpt from a whole film which will accompany the entire album. This one has just been released as the first single from it…on a pre-release of the film and album which will go out in October. I think the whole film and the music to accompany it will be really worth seeing. They’ve written the music purposely to connect the people who live in that part of Norway to the traditions, environment and seascapes that influence their everyday lives. They wanted to try to do something more meaningful than just make another album …being stuck in Norway during the pandemic gave them this idea and the opportunity to focus on what is important to them and explore the maritime heritage that shaped the culture of modern Norway and it’s people and how climate change is affecting their way of life.

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