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After 40 years as a band and 37 years after topping the Billboard 100 in the USA with Take On Me in 1985, a-ha have finally fulfilled a career ambition to play at the Hollywood Bowl. It took place last night and was the final night of an epic world tour which started in Dublin in October 2019 and then was suspended at midpoint in March 2020 due to the worldwide Covid Pandemic…only to resume again in February 2022. I’m posting the entire concert which was accompanied by the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra, so you can feel free to dip in and out of it as you like.

Marionville 10 Aug 1
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Just finished watching. Would have been fantastic to have been in the audience.

Ray13 Level 8 Aug 1, 2022

Yes…I wish we’d all been there…you, me and Rhonda.


I decided to open my laptop to play the concert so I could put it on full screen. What a set they had! Going to listen now Marje. Thanks for posting it!! 😍


@Marionville I am Thoroughly enjoying every song!


Pretty venue. 2 keyboards. Rhythm guitar. Bass guitar. Orchestra

Yes…and a pretty good vocalist and a set list from a 40 year catalogue of great songs!

You know they can actually perform pretty well in a pared down to just the three of them performance too Roger. But large stadia and venue audiences usually expect a scaled up production. Here are just the three of them onstage performing as a trio…guitar, piano and vocals. They actually don’t need all the additional bells and whistles.

@Marionville I like that far more. And I'd like them far better if the guitar was finger-picked rather than strummed.

@rogerbenham Roger…it depends on what song he’s performing how he plays …and which guitar he plays too as he’s got an impressive selection of them, and other stringed instruments too. He’s very accomplished on the guitar and can also play a multitude of other instruments…as can all of them. Morten the singer can play the piano, trombone and tuba, but it isn’t normally required of him. The keyboardist Magne sometimes swaps keys for a guitar or drumkit. They also compose and arrange all their own music, adapting and rearranging to suit different venues and audiences. They were all raised on classical music at home in Norway, and in Magne’s case jazz too as his father was a professional Trumpet player in a jazz band. But I think you don’t really like them and no matter how I present them to you, you will find fault.

@Marionville I'm not really into that kind of music, that's all. I've seen Morten play the piano.
I'm sorry but I could list instruments that I play. I never just chord play. I compose and arrange all my music, adapting and rearranging to suit different venues. I constantly compose on stage. To me every performance is different (one reason that nowadays I do not play with others. I could play with a tabla or conga player but I just do not like drum sets. Yes, I post pop music but part of that is to keep our groups alive. When I jam (usually with R&R leads I mostly set up a sequence and we then play within that sequence. Then I am entirely improvising) I can mix with several musicians. Most other guitarists chord play but the better ones figure out stuff until we are "singing" together. I've done this with session players and it is usually great fun.

The thing that impresses me is that I see so many people my age and older standing up and dancing and really enjoying themselves! They truly are a band for the ages Marje.

@Redheadedgammy Yes…they cut across all ages Rhonda…that’s what I love most! Good music which never really dates.

@Marionville I can't even imagine what those seats down front like that must have cost!! What a great way to see the concert!!

@Redheadedgammy I think they were over $1,000.

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