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Music is international…bands from one side of the word are loved and appreciated by people from another continent and culture on the opposite side. Those of us who have English as our mother tongue are lucky, because most top artists and bands use English to sing and communicate with their audience, regardless of which country they come from and where they are performing in the world. Here we have Finnish gothic rock band Nightwish perform to a packed and enthusiastic audience in Mexico City. - Alpenglow.

Marionville 10 Aug 8
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Love Nightwish....I think I just may need to see if they have some dvd's out.


Not nearly as dark as I imagined. Quite folky. 50 years ago I'd have liked them.

Some of their stuff is a bit too dark and heavy for me…but in the main I like their music. A lot of it is actually based on Scandinavian folklore and myth…so you’re spot on the mark there Roger. The vocalist has a very good voice…powerfully built, good set of lungs and operatic trained as you can probably tell. She can project that voice and use breath control to great effect.


Love them! Do they ever do any music in their native language? They are great!

They may do Rhonda…but I’m not aware of it. Like most Scandinavian bands (ABBA, a-ha etc.) they cater to an international audience by performing and recording all their songs in English.

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