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In a few weeks time my choir will be performing the first of four concerts in and around Northern Ireland and over the border in Donegal in the Irish Republic. We’re busy rehearsing at the moment and had a great practice last night. The concerts will be favourite songs from stage musicals over the years and this song is one that we are doing. It’s from Chess, music by Benny & Bjorn from Swedish group ABBA, lyrics by Sir Tim Rice, and here it’s sung by West Ends stars Michael Ball & Alfie Boe…live at BBC Proms In The Park, London 2016. - Anthem….

Marionville 10 Mar 31
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It’s a great rousing song to sing,..

@Marionville I bet.


Sounds like your choir group is quite popular there. Do you ever get your performances put on any web sites like youTube, etc ?

Ray13 Level 8 Mar 31, 2023

Not a full concert as far as I know…there’s a YouTube channel which was put up during Covid with bits and pieces of audio I think…and we have a choir website with some videos of concerts and visits to various places such as France, Essex & Roscommon in Ireland…and with visiting French & English choirs. I haven’t visited our website for a year or two so I don’t really know what is on it now.


Not my taste but well done.

It’s a rousing one to sing in 4 part harmony…

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