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YOUR FEELING SHOULDERS - RAY LYNCH . An American musician and composer of Adult alternative, instrumental and classical music. This is a wonderful masterpiece that will take you to relaxing, meditation or feeling a better person!...

Merseyman1 8 Mar 30
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Enjoyed it, thank you ... but such an odd title (to me) ...

dede18 Level 8 Mar 31, 2020

Odd titles indeed due to lack of context, but this title as well as others like 'Deep Breakfast', 'The Oh of pleasure', Falling in the garden' and 'Tiny Geometries' which are other song titles in the CD are taken from the novel "THE MUMMERY' from Sri Da Avabhas.

@Merseyman1 During the 90s I was married to someone who listened to no other genre than New Age ... so I'm familiar with the sounds and melodies, and names of the composers/performers but often not with the titles of tracks. Me? after a while of this soothing stuff, I'd put on my headphones and enjoy my lively world music with drums and rhythm. I enjoy New Age still, selectively, especially while creating a sculpture ... or other meditative activities.

@dede18 : Great, I do it too, selectively. I like all sorts of music like pop, rock, soft jazz, new age, classic, waltz, salsa, all for different moods or purposes. New age and similar in bed before going to sleep. I did sculptures when I was younger, some good ones, not anymore...


Listened to it whilst I breakfasted this morning...thank you.


Yes well Ray Lynch was often played on Hearts of Space, a programme I loved.


Specially for @dede18, @Marionville, @rogerbenham...

Merseyman1 Level 8 Mar 30, 2020
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