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The news coming out from Spain is not good this morning and my thoughts and good wishes go out to everyone battling against the virus there. Here is the very best of Spanish Classical guitar music by Luis Carlos Valencia Quijana performing Malagueña (Ernesto Lecuona).

Marionville 9 Apr 1
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It rather makes me feel that I should give up playing the guitar as I will never be remotely as good as that.

That’s how I feel when I listen to Aida Garifullina or any of the really superb sopranos!

@Marionville Well since my wife died I seem to have lost my desire for much music. I don't sing or play much at all.

@rogerbenham Roger that is too sad...we all have bereavements and sadness in our lives, but we owe it to our loved ones to pick up the pieces of our lives again and try to honour their memory by being happy,

@Marionville I sang to a party after Christmas but burst into tears suddenly on the line "As I lie in my bed in the morning without you" It still brings tears to my eyes. Tomorrow is 6 months.

@rogerbenham It’s still early days...try to focus on all the happy and positive memories, and keep away from sad and melancholic music,

@Marionville It is the happiest memories now that bring on the tears.

@rogerbenham That too will pass. Take it from one who will have been widowed for 10 years in November.

@rogerbenham Only 6 months ... so it is very raw still and one is easily swamped by emotions so near the surface. I am sending you a long and warm HUG, over the distance. I lost a child, very long ago and it does slowly, imperceptibly, get more bearable.