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OK. A visiting bishop is coming to our house. He comes from time to time. He said he was coming at 1:00 and the food is ready. Now our friend called and said he doesn't want to eat before 4:00. And to top it off, my cousin and her parents are coming to see him, so he's going to do the Bible study in Arabic. He does that, and insists that I sit there and listen because it will teach me Arabic. What a way to spend a Thursday. No wonder they call him Bishop Bonecrusher.

altschmerz 9 Dec 6
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So do you put up with his unchristian behavior just because he is a bishop?

Yes, I'm afraid so. In this church, priests and bishops are like kings. Back when my father was still alive, but very sick, a priest would come to our house and give him communion. He was doing us some gigantic favor. If he wasn't going somewhere afterwards, we'd have to serve him lunch. If he really wanted to help he could have taken my dad to the bathroom for us. Communion my ass.

@Closeted I understand. The reason so much sexual abuse has occurred and gone unreported in the Catholic Church is that children are taught to practically worship priests as saints.


You aren't allowed to have other plans?

I'm afraid not. Our culture is very authoritarian. I always feel trapped by my family, especially my mother. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I really can't separate myself from them.

But, thankfully, ir's over. Btw, just the icing on the cake, the bishop absolutely loves Trump.


Tell him to bugger off.

Again, I really, really, really wish I could. I can't even tell my family that I'm an atheist.

Why not?
You are who you are, you should not be forced to live a lie.

@LenHazell53 It would cause WWIII in my family. And the ones who know I'm an atheist won't support me. My brother, who's an atheist, says my faith is nobody's business. Easy for him to say, he lives far from the family and never sees them.


It's funny how people give themselves titles and so feel self-important. Next time he calls ask him if he thinks of himself as a pulpit whore?

rcandlish Level 7 Dec 6, 2018

LOL, I wish I could!!


Sounds like a prick.

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