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Most of us are familiar with the story of Adam and Eve in te garden... and the talking snake which later gets cursed by god.
I've heard christians say that the snake was really satan.
So...for the sake of discussion, let's say it was satan.
Either satan took the form of the snake or satan 'possssd" the snake (demonic possession as prtrayed in the new testament).
After tempting Eve, god cursed the snake: on your belly you shall go, eat dust, enmity between you and the woman...
So my question is, given the two 'possibilities' as listed above...
What'd the snake do???

HumanistJohn 7 Mar 24
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All I know is that, without adding to, taking away from or twisting the words, what 'the serpent' told them would happen, happened (according to the bible itself). God said that if they ate the fruit, they would die. The serpent said if they ate the fruit, they would become as gods knowing good and evil, vs5. A few verses later, vs22, god confirms that serpent was right. god was the false prophet and the serpent told the truth.

Realist9 Level 6 Mar 25, 2020

One of the functions of a culture's mythology is aetiology, that is explaining why certain things are the way they are. Another is to explain their people's (usually supposed) history, but that's a story for another day.
One of the reasons for the garden of eden myth is to explain why snakes, in contrast to other creatures, doesn't have legs.
Christians have hijacked the story for theological purposes, quite at odds with its original intent. I was pointing out the absurdity of making the story a theological statement.
I want dialogue with christians. Maybe, just maybe, I can help them along in their rejection of christian doctrine and beliefs.


In the Talmudic version of the story and in Josephus' retelling, the "serpent" not snake, walked on two legs like a man and had arms and hands. He was basically a velociraptor.
The serpent was also very knowledgeable but had no wisdom, Eve had wisdom but no knowledge, the serpent wanted to know what would happen to one who had both, so used eve as an experiment. What happened was they A & E immediately started shagging like rabbits and so stopped being immortal as they had to make way for all the little new people, hence death being brought in to the world.
When god saw this had happened he sent Adam and Eve out in the world to populate it, and cut off the arms and legs of the serpent creating the first snake in the shape of a phallus so he would always know what his sin was.

No where in any version of the myth is the serpent said to be, or be working for Satan he is just a wylie creature with too much curiosity for his own good.

Interesting...but could any of them not come up with stories so full of HOLES. I mean, how many kids can 2 people have? Did they freakin multiply like cockroaches or something?!


Good question

bobwjr Level 9 Mar 24, 2020

It was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

brentan Level 8 Mar 24, 2020

It morphed into Adam's dick and Eve couldn't help but suck it. Hey, it's the bible. Did you expect a logical answer.

Mofo1953 Level 8 Mar 24, 2020

If you are looking for logic and fairness in the Bible, you are going to be sadly disappointed.

The point is... That's the question that I'd ask the christian who says the snake is satan. I'm attempting to point out how silly their interpretation is.An attempt to remove a plank from their theological foundation.

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