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I am currently reading "Flight or Fright" - it is a book of short horror stories about flying. Many of the stories are very well written and hard to put down. I am not afraid of flying but it has made me wonder how many people are afraid. Are you afraid of flying?

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JenBeberstein 8 Sep 9
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Flying is fun.... Pilot fuck up sometime.


I was sure as I was going to be terrified flying as I am very acrophobic but when I actually did fly, it did not bother me at all, probably something to do with being in a seal compartment fools the brain in to thinking you are still on the ground?

I thought I would be afraid of flying, it turns out I actually love it!


I am afraid of heights, but when flying I like to sit by the window and look out. Figure that.

I also enjoy the window seats!


Not afraid of flying but get motion sickness and dread it. I do fly several times a year.

Pamscwf1 Level 7 Sep 9, 2018

Do the meds for motion sickness not help you?

@JenBeberstein they keep me from getting sick but still have a weak stomach.




I love flying and have flown in everything from ultralight aircraft to airliners to small passenger prop planes. I know what the odds are and that it is a lot safer on average than driving a car but I did find the flight into the island of Mustique, which I made regularly because I was build there, to be a bit hair raising. The island is only 1.5 miles by 3 miles so the airstrip is partly on the side of the hill and the twin otter prop plane that services the island from Barbados has to actually do a controlled stall as it reaches the start of the runway, then you fall out of the sky onto the air strip and immediately start hitting the brakes or you will go off the end of the runway. A bit dodgy the first time because the klaxon horn indicating a stall start going off in the cramped cabin but after that first time it doesn't surprise you anymore. I love to fly in my dreams as well, so much better than being in a plane.

You'd think they would warn people about the horn ahead of time. I wonder how many people have wet their pants from the loud surprise!


i'm terrified. i do it anyway, or i did when i could afford it.


genessa Level 8 Sep 9, 2018

Much respect! Most people tend to avoid things that terrify them!

@JenBeberstein i do that all the time. i have ptsd (not connected with planes) and i avoid things i vitally need, medically. but it's REALLY hard to get from point a to point b, if they are across an ocean from one another, without a plane. (yes, i know about ships; i don't usually have that kind of time!)


@genessa travel is so good for us, I think it would be beneficial if more people could afford to get out of their own bubbles more often.

@JenBeberstein i lived in japan for 10 years. i had to fly to visit home (america), to get my visa renewed (i went to south korea, as it was the closest country and i had to leave japan to do this), to visit europe at last (and i had to go to malaysia to do it cheaply lol). i couldn't avoid planes. within japan i traveled by train.


@genessa I have never traveled by train, did you like it?

@JenBeberstein i love trains. american trains are not as comfy as they once were, but i love being able to stand between the cars and feel the breeze. riding on the shinkansen in japan is interesting because when i was last there anyway they only had one nonsmoking car, and the sumo wrestlers all travel in it. their heads touch the ceiling when they stand up. they ride sitting and reading manga (comic books). they're gigantic! that was my company when i rode the shinkansen in japan.


@genessa sounds like an awesome adventure!

@JenBeberstein life is an adventure! i just muddle along but people have told me my life has been adventurous. i suppose in many ways they're right.



I get a kick out of that jump into the air full thrust, but always feel relieved when the tyres bounce on the tarmac at touchdown. Not exactly afraid, but respectful of the forces of nature and man's ingenuity to make them play our game!

rcandlish Level 7 Sep 9, 2018

Totally understandable!


We don't travel much anymore because the security and long wait times are MUCH scarier than the actual flying.

(We used to hot air balloon.)

pixiedust Level 8 Sep 9, 2018

The last few times I flew, there was barely any wait. Security keeps confiscating our toothpastes on the way home even though we get the toothpaste through on the way out of town with no problems.

@JenBeberstein I always get singled out for special attention, standing in a position my damaged joints protest mightily against.


As a pilot, being afraid of flying would be just a tad debilitating, no?

I imagine people who are afraid are much less likely to become pilots!

Ah, but what a story sir.

@Lincoln55 -- Here's a story for you, or perhaps the foundation for one. I have an intense respect for (not fear of) heights and high places, but I have no problem with aerobatics in an open cockpit aircraft. This is something about me that I have pondered quite a lot. Why can't I walk out to the edge of the Grand Canyon, but I have no misgivings about nosing over and diving at the ground at 500 knots, or jumping out of a perfectly functional aircraft from 15k feet?

You have an explanation for that?

@evidentialist Perhaps you trust physics and engineering more than you trust nature?

@pixiedust -- I think not. Physics/engineering, after all, is nature, or at least a large part of it. As an engineer, I understand the mechanics of things and one would think that would cause me to be more concerned when in an aircraft than standing on the edge of a cliff. It's really something that has puzzled me for a long time.

@evidentialist Maybe it has something to do with the fact that you are in control of the airplane, the stick is in your hand. The aircraft is reacting to your manipulations. Yes you are in an open cockpit but you are strapped in are you not? Much like Craig Breedlove piloting a rocket car across the Salt Flats but worrying about crossing a busy street. The plane is your element, The Grand Canyon is not.

@Lincoln55 -- Excellent.

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