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this is a video of me, some years ago, reading one of my poems, "old woman in the garden."


genessa 8 Sep 10
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pixiedust Level 8 Sep 10, 2018

Any chance you might be able to post the words for those of us that suffer at the hands of cheap laptop speakers?

Lincoln55 Level 8 Sep 10, 2018

Old Woman in the Garden

Arthritis tangled up her hands
She had no truck with Chopin anymore
nor braided her granddaughter's hair
but sometimes did battle in the garden
to reinstate the weed-gnarled mint
(itself a reddened, folded-inward weed)
the scrawny camomile, dog-eared iris
exposed fennel root's feathered fronds
long since eaten by striped caterpillars
This took time. Iris she liked best
useless, like her hands, and purple like them
and yon dogwood, gnarled but flowering


Get a pair of cheap earphones and improve your listening pleasure a hundred fold.


She lifts her pallette
Where words are scattered
Picks a few with care
Mixes them just so
Then paints a vivid picture
Dark, but not bitter

My free prose titled The Poet seemed apropos here. Thank you @genessa

yes, appropriate and i like it too!



Very descriptive, I can feel her pain.

rcandlish Level 7 Sep 10, 2018
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