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In a world raised by kings and queens who used jesters and religious men to capture and bind humanity in a gross state of a delusional reality, we have since gravitated from their Feudalism system to another failed system of Capitalism.

Karl Marx used the term Feudalism in the 19th century in his analysis of society's economic and political development, describing feudalism (or more usually feudal society or the feudal mode of production) as the order coming before capitalism. For Marx, what defined feudalism was the power of the ruling class (the aristocracy) in their control of arable land, leading to a class society based upon the exploitation of the peasants who farm these lands, typically under serfdom and principally by means of labour, produce and money rents. Marx thus defined feudalism primarily by its economic characteristics.

He also took it as a paradigm for understanding the power-relationships between capitalists and wage-labourers in his own time: "in pre-capitalist systems it was obvious that most people did not control their own destiny—under feudalism, for instance, serfs had to work for their lords. Capitalism seems different because people are in theory free to work for themselves or for others as they choose. Yet most workers have as little control over their lives as feudal serfs.

In the throes of time Capitalism has been perfected by the ruling class, their corporations, their bought governments and media to benefit their fake manipulated market system, worldwide colonialism and perpetual warring. In many cases these are remaining descendants of those kings and queens who use our intelligence agencies and media jesters against us. That media which is collaboratively provided and using manipulative manufactured information from public relation firms designed to deceive our world citizenry. 80% of the news coming from MSCM is prepared and handed down to them from these firms to protect capitalism. Propaganda discussions below on this nature of ideologist. Please see below ---- Abby Martin - Giants Who Really Rule the World with sociologist Peter Phillips for a quick understanding by jumping to the 9:50 mark.

We must finally recognize this and mount a dissenting fight against this system by peaceful means within speak and truth in an attempt to unite our fellow world citizenry in efforts to bring understanding to this delusional reality that has been created before us.

My goal is to share a select trusted alternative independent news sites, political commentators/journalist, sociologist and economist mainly from outside of the main stream media (MSM) with opposing dissenting views on events and issues of today and what's happening around the world you often hear little of. If you do hear it's in fractional parts that are vastly controlled by their enabler billionaire owners. Which often comes with limited information and or information designed to deceive you. Often in repetitive mode by all MSM used to manage your perception leading to conditioning you into believing in it's designed illusion. Take to mind that our MSM was once owned by dozens of different companies. Beginning in the 80's this vastly started to change. By the 90's when Bill Clinton and our great, I say that loosely, 2 party establishment representatives brought forth legislation which lead us to today where 6 companies own approximately 90% of all news you get on TV, radio, and pretty much every major newspaper that has managed to exist. That is a designed measure to control what you see and hear. Only what they want you to see and hear. Conditioning.

Propaganda within todays structure ---This is something that has been going on since as early as the 60's. Some would argue since WWI actually with the introduction of modern propaganda from its father Edward Bernays. A discussion With Abby Martin and Mark Crispin Miller below goes into this.

The CIA has been fully engaged in this systematic illusion in a number of aspects particularly since the 80's as the Reagan administration ramped up further warring and interference into Central America under the guise of regime change installing puppet governments for the capitalist system. In this case, perception management. [] A prelude to never ending world war on a small scale towards colonization, control of natural resources, world dominance, and most important to them, to suppress any sense of a type of socialized governing in that area to come to a meaningful fruitful system. We now have seen its spread to the Middle East with horrific devastation that has in all aspects created the very opposite goals we were told our move to the area would bring. And actually supported the very people we were suppose to be stamping out. I mean quite literally supporting! I will argue unending that the lies that drew us to Iraq should be viewed by the American public as murderous! Not only of their citizens but of the very men and women sent their from all nations who lost their lives there. This was a premeditated war knowingly based on lies that has cost the lives and harm to millions which is still stretching out today there and into Africa. And in Central America under unnecessary life crippling sanctions also based on lies.

If you are new to the idea of this Empire building, within this group I and others as dissidents to this hope you stick around long enough to understand what the world society is struggling against as we argue our case. While I do most of the post here, we have a number of people I gratefully and thankfully acknowledge that occasionally post also and add quite valuable points and information also.

With that said I have one request for new people coming into the group, all group members actually. I'll personally take a small degree of shit for the potential benefit to hopefully change a person with intellectual discourse. But attack our members, I have a short fuse. If you want to engage in debate while displaying your opinion, all we ask is you provide material information and or a sense of substantial substance you base that opinion on. Accusations without substance and information to research for factuality are a means of the 2 party establishment and main stream media rhetoric we fight against here! Yes, I said 2 party establishment. I don't believe there's to many in this group who hold the establishment parties, republican or democrat, as worthy to solve our issues. They are our problem. That is one of the goals on this group, to understand this as a united working class.

Our voices and opinions of critic have the potential of power. First you must generate power towards an opinion by actually using material provided to address. Within the groups narratives, whether it be from the articles or videos. To be able to intelligently exhibit any sense of power, or have a legitimate right to address. Although rare, even within our failed 2 party establishment and propagandized information structure we citizens sometimes manage to produce enough power for small changes. We are however limited within a divisional tribal means on a number of respects that have been forcefully conditioned upon us. A large reason for this baseless, useless sense of false power is largely because of repetitive rhetoric used over years and decades, created and passed down to MSCM, which gives a false sense of power to the ignorant. Often accompanied with negative sarcasms, name calling, and remarks of ridicule. This is an exhibition within a lack of innovational concept towards critical thinking that turns history and facts into traitors and betrays our entire society.

Not all people coming into this group will understand what we are attempting to communicate right away. Some of them will never understand, may not give it the time to understand, may not want to understand, or could take a considerable amount of time to understand. Please refrain from attacks on these people with name calling or other negative gestures in which such acts degrade the attempt to educate these people, which can lead to deterring them and others witnessing such to stay interested in our goals and participating. Please show patience by not being the type of people we see in the arena of the establishment political scene on social media! I truly understand some people make it difficult! But using the same empty useless rhetoric without attempting to use intellect we see on social media sites will only harm our group and the message we are attempting to use to unite us all. I would prefer they leave on their own! Some people just can't or will not face the truth suffering from cognitive dissonance.

Perception management - Conditioning - Fact less repetitive daily cycled news, often by all MSCM - Narrative control - these are all issues I attempting to draw out of the fake news our MSCM engulfs our population in everyday. Please see the other group pinned page for more on this. []

A vast majority of the nature of humans is to follow. That is why we are so easily swayed to turn on ourselves and follow the trickery of tribalism that is used against us in many aspects of politics and society. Humanity is reliant on intellects that have the qualities of decency, humility, empathy, and desire to govern over them in a means that benefit all of society all of life and our home, Earth & Universe. Without a sense of governance it's dog eat dog brute swallows weak, barbarian. We are in the beginning of experiencing this now. We have taken a major leap towards this as the establishment and the past 5 decades entered this path into a far right movement with the indoctrination of Trump as a leader. We here in the US have lost our innovation in all aspects of society. But have no doubt, the past 5 decades of our leadership has lead to the ability of a Trump like figure to be placed into power. In which the entire DC structure has played a roll in developing. I'll also argue this stretches and reverberates through local and state governments. The failed capitalist system has no where left to run to but towards fascism.

A mixture of my most used trusted sites below. To truly understand the corruption in our politics and society you must have a decent amount of information of each aspect of society to meaningfully put the pieces together and be able to vote positively productively. Below I've provided the sources to do this. I challenge each and everyone of you to participate in this group by adding what in our world effects you and post. I can't possibly cover it all by myself! We can all learn from each others personal experiences. I am after all a working class individual and can't possibly understand how you view the world and politics. Feel free to express yourselves. Although I use a few other sites, they come with flaws. Many sites use multiple journalist in which often some tow the establishment line which contradict a true alternative journalist factual work on the same site and issue. Rabbit holes are created which confuse the conditioned. Rhetoric becomes hyperbole. One has to learn each journalist to be able to recognize when one is leading you down a rabbit hole of the establishments false narrative towards perception management and conditioning. Don't take it personal if I call out something on you, I will not if you call me out on anything. I'm always open to debate and willing to show the information I'm using to arrive to my opinion. Lets debate the information and sources, in such we learn together. I highly recommend you save these sites to you favorites and visit them frequently. Caution! The truth can be a hard thing to swallow. If you're new to the narrative of this group you will begin to see and feel a different sense of reality within the information provided from these sources.

[] From inside history's biggest empire:
Files logged by Abby Martin recording a world shaped by war & inequality.
[] Who in politics is getting the money, and from whom.
[] Markets! Finance! Scandal! Keiser Report is a no holds barred look at the shocking scandals behind the global financial headlines. From the collusion between Wall Street and Capitol Hill to the latest banking crime wave, from bogus government economic statistics to rigged stock markets.
[] On Contact with Chris Hedges, “dissident voices” currently missing from the mainstream media.
[] Trial lawyer Mike Papantonio-examining and exposing untold truths in corporate and environmental legal cases with a no-holds-barred approach in addressing bad lawyers and corruption among federal and state judges.

Abby Martin - Giants Who Really Rule the World

Propaganda & Engineering Consent for Empire with Mark Crispin Miller from Abby Martin

Chris Hedges: Seeing Through Faux-Solidarity Performance Stunts Of Police Politicians & Corporations

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Wow 🥺 this is so important!


I've mentioned before, pertaining to the "Giants....." Abby Martin video that the Atlantic Council that is mentioned in it was involved in the bullshit Russiagate conspiracy theory. People don't want to connect the dots though. They think it's tinfoil hat stuff, meanwhile they believe everything they're told by government agencies or mainstream media.

I seen an article yesterday that Christopher Murphy is one of Biden's top potential aspects for SOS. Reward time?

@William_Mary I'm not familiar with Murphy. Is he connected to the Atlantic Council?

@Piece2YourPuzzle he was a major player in the Ukraine overthrow with Biden. Which you know the Atlantic Council had a part in along with the election cycle of 2016 within the Trump collusion narrative. I'm actually watching an interview now of Mate and Gates on this to see if they bring up Biden and Murphy.


@William_Mary I see now. I'll check out that interview. Just started it.

I think 45's ambitions in Russia dictated that he ally with Putin in hopes of securing Russia against the coming war against China. If China and Russia ally then u$a stands 0 chance of defeating them. Probably a nuclear end. 45 wasn't acceptable, to me, mostly because of alliance with Evangelical Christianity for securing power. As James Bond said of Goldfinger (to Pussy Galore), "You know he's quite mad. Right?"

@rainmanjr ambitions in Russia? If you're referring to the unproven accusations of the 2016 election, it gives me the indication you might be a victim of indoctrination through western media. Plus it would have been difficult for Trump to make an ally of Putin considering Trump was constantly creating problems with Putin in regards of sanctions, expelling Russian diplomats from the US, attempts of bombing his planes and troops in Syria, along with false accusations of supporting Assad during black flag chemical attacks that were actually carried out by western back terrorist groups.

I'm willing to go out on the limb and suggest Putin most likely found Trump to be just another bag of hot air he was forced to deal with on the western world political stage collaborating on the same agendas as his predecessors. Putin just has more class and intelligence towards how he handles himself. Clever enough as to keep a boat being rocked by delusional storms from sinking.

I understand your concerns in regards to Evangelical Christianity support though. This has been a major element to our social chaos since the Reagan era.


Evolutionary processes at work?

no one will be able to buy or sell, except the one who has ... governmental required secret identification credentials (birth certificate,
social security, photo identification,
or business identification incorporation papers)...Revelations 13:17 identification for taxation and government control capitalism slavery has been known for 2000 years.

I watched part of first video. "Abby Martin - Giants Who Really Rule the World".

Discussed in video, the atrocity of capitalism leaving many to die hungry.

What would be reasonable, humane means of promoting population control of the human animal? People with plenty want to reproduce leisurely.

Capitalism thrives on a forced to work capitalism slavery system. Capitalism wants workers. Government wants taxpayers.

Evolution of the governing of human populations. Ethical capitalism has a very peaceful means of making the world functional on a global scale.

How to get an understanding into the minds of the masses that are ok with their poor itty bitty lifestyle would be one thing to change.

I like the Jones video a lot, but what is the psychology or how to get it thru the minds of the masses that do not go along with the one killed at end of video?

Word Level 8 Nov 21, 2020

"Ethical capitalism has a very peaceful means of making the world functional on a global scale."

By whos ethics would this refer to? When you break down ethics within semantics, surely this statement could only support those who live within peaceful communities. Even communities with the slightest crime rates would find it hard to claim capitalism doesn't provide any sense of restlessness within. Now we're also forced towards applying semantics to "peaceful means". We're quickly moving into "global scale" as being ludicrous when correlated to peaceful means.

Within gated communities where, mostly, ruling class citizens can afford to buy their peaceful means I would argue are not fair game towards being compared and synchronized with the vastly larger global scale.

Within the global scale is where capitalism unleashes it inhumane nature to find its benefits and support for its failures. It fails the rest of our world citizenry the luxuries the ruling class retreat to within their gated communities and their pivotal power structures. OWS (occupy wall street) was everything short of peaceful when it confronted one such pivotal power structure. Recently in DC Trump had protesters violently removed from a position to do a photo op.

On a global scale wars and regime change coups of democratically elected governments being considered as peaceful means is quite frankly ludicrous. These are all actions towards securing and expanding their capitalist system.

@William_Mary Ethical capitalism could mean that every person i the world has a million billion trillion dollars of unlimited money in their bank account so that being forced to work for money is not an issue in anyones life.

However, how do you get people to not be selfish but to have care, concern and positive involvement within the various group structures of the world?

How would you get people to seem to act like ants for the sake of the community and world at large doing their part in a money isn't an issue situation?

From: Remarks concerning the savages of North America. Benjamin Franklin

The Indian Men when young are Hunters and Warriors; when old, Counsellors; for all their Government is by Counsel of the Sages; there is no Force there are no Prisons, no Officers to compel Obedience, or inflict Punishment.—Hence they generally study Oratory; the best Speaker having the most Influence. The Indian Women till the Ground, dress the Food, nurse and bring up the Children, & preserve & hand down to Posterity the Memory of public Transactions. These Employments of Men and Women are accounted natural & honorable, Having few artificial Wants, they have abundance of Leisure for Improvement by Conversation. Our laborious Manner of Life compar’d with theirs, they esteem slavish & base; and the Learning on which we value ourselves, they regard as frivolous & useless.


However, how do you get people to not be selfish but to have care, concern and positive involvement within the various group structures of the world?

How would you get people to seem to act like ants for the sake of the community and world at large doing their part in a money isn't an issue situation?

I would suggest Marx's theory on (means of production).


I currently have a big like of Abby Martin and her work!

gsiamne Level 8 Nov 21, 2020

Having listened to all of these I'd say god how depressing but none of it surprised me. I thought Abby Martin's Giants interview the best.

@Frank112 I believe that William_Mary banned me from this group for disagreeing with him.

@rogerbenham If I had banned you, you wouldn't be able to post here. What I did was ask you to leave if you didn't and couldn't adhere to the groups, which is private, structure following the rules within the parameters of the narrative. After you joined forces with 1 or more people to create a false narrative about me and the group. Being it has been a while, I don't exactly remember the specific details to place actual specifics on, but yet you bring another delusion of yours which now includes a lie, at the least confused narrative that again would be built on a false accusation of my character. Being we've had many periods of disagreements over the years that I didn't ban you over. Disagreements have been far from the problem. If I remember right, you and 1 or more were caught disregarding material in the group and then taking my comments out of context to launch an attack on me. Now your using a back door I just happen to open to make false claims through. How pathetic.

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