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{To put this in perspective, the FED has pumped circa $10 trillion of taxpayer-backed funds to Wall St for share buybacks and to purchase toxic corporate debt and mortgage-backed securities. As a result, the net worth of the nation’s billionaires has increased circa $500 billion since April.”}

Let me take you back in time a bit with this also as I correlate it with election time erasure I've talk about recently. The above nearly 10 trillion this reader is referring to is just since the virus outbreak during 2020. What has been erased is all the billions in repo loans we were covering even before Trump was conveniently placed into power. 10's to 100's of billions to cover bank loans each night for months stretching into years, which sent some systems into negative interest rates in Europe. Money printed out of nothing but air to cover a failed banking market system. Ponzi schemes. But to listen to the MSCM today the market is moving towards record numbers again with mere little downward blips at times. In which those blips are merely a means to use towards conditioning perceptions to other false narratives in their own agendas also. I guess there's just no time to spend on reporting this though now? The figures have to be frightening towards nearly 14 years of the FED printing up money for the ruling class. I guess bringing these figures up during the election cycle wasn't in the thought process in whole for us to weigh in on, while we're distracted by the despair caused by the virus, socialized murder, and Trump antics. Have I mentioned convenience yet?

William_Mary 8 Nov 20
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Well it is totally obvious that billionaires control the world so becoming wealthier would indicate more control and one must assume that most billionaires want more control and more money for that more control. because they think that they know best.

What's the cutoff point though? I would assume at some point amassing more wealth will work against them because when everyone is starving then they will revolt. There will be nobody to work for them to amass more wealth. Maybe we will all just steal from each other and kill each other though while they flee to their yachts in the middle of the ocean.

@Piece2YourPuzzle Well one obvious answer is considering the huge number of homeless and tent city population, why haven't they risen up. I suspect because they left it too late and now no longer have the wherewithall.

@rogerbenham Yeah, but 0.17% of the U.S. population is homeless. I'm not saying it's not a travesty or not a big issue, but it's a miniscule number compared to the entirety. I'm talking about a majority or even just half of the population. I'm talking about a number big enough to hurt the wealthy's bottom line if they are no longer employed and unable to buy products, etc. 0.17% of a population just isn't enough to spark anything. The other 99.83% of the population see the homeless as the outliers. It's not going to shock the rest to take action as long as they still have a roof over their heads and food to eat because it's JUST 0.17% of people who OBVIOUSLY did something wrong to end up where they are, and it could NEVER happen to the rest (sarcasm).

Let's say even just 35% of the population crumbles into homelessness or starvation. Would that be enough to take the entire system down that the wealthy depend upon for their wealth. There is a point where more money and wealth and control will backfire on them I think. They need to keep it balanced to keep their system working. If not, that's when I think militarism comes to the streets of the U.S. and life as we knew it is over pertaining to a mostly functioning modern society. So at what point does amassing wealth and control backfire on them in terms of keeping the system in their favor while still keeping the illusion of freedom and democracy for that system?

Even kings of yesterday understood that an entire population could kill them if they didn't at least throw crumbs at their feet. They still had to offer something. Sure, he could behead and throw a portion of them in jail, but if they ever joined forces then he would be through no matter his barbaric soldiers. Times might be different though with advanced weapons. 330m people still might not have a chance when fighter planes are dropping bombs on them. Maybe they will be content with a very small population of slaves.

@Piece2YourPuzzle Well at what point does the growth become impossible due to material shortage? We know that most resources are finite. Very soon we'll run out of Helium. Other things will follow. Oil and gas are on the downslope and they seek them ever further afield. Even coal has but 100 years left. Then what? The problem as ever is no thought for 5 or 10 years down the road. 20 years down it from now climate change will be becoming catastrophic. Then what? Ah well, not my problem as I'll be dead.

@rogerbenham They knew about all this in the 50s with Hubbert's Peak pertaining to oil. As for the other resources, I wouldn't put it past them to have had a plan all along to diminish the population somehow on a large scale. People will automatically look at that and think "conspiracy theory" though. With finite resources, it's the only thing that makes sense if you want to live the way you've been accustomed to living since the beginning of the industrial revolution.

Al Bartlett gives a good lecture on exponential population growth and finite resources.

@Piece2YourPuzzle Yes I knew about the Hubert's Peak.As I recall 2005 was the last peak. Since then we are more and more relying on inferior and hard to get and expensive oil. My recollection is that in the 50's or 60's there was a world conference on desirable population. The figure arrived at I think was 500 million in the world. Britain had done one just for itself and found 40 million could be sustained.

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