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Ex-MI6 agent: Iran doesn’t need settlement with Biden’s US, can look to Russia & China!

On this episode of Going Underground, we speak to former MI6 agent Alastair Crooke CMG. He discusses the reported meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ahead of Donald Trump’s departure from the presidency of the United States, what the objectives of the meeting were, Israel and Saudi Arabia’s objective of putting Iran at the top of Joe Biden’s foreign policy agenda, why Joe Biden, Israel and Saudi Arabia are likely to have major differences on policy towards the Islamic Republic, why Biden is already asking too much from Tehran, why Iran doesn’t need a settlement with the US as ties with Russia and China grow deeper, and much more!

Finally, we speak to Alexander Nanau, director of ‘Collective’, a film highlighting the work of investigative journalists to uncover major healthcare fraud and corruption in Romania. The film starts with the Colectiv night club fire in 2015 in which 64 people lost their lives, explores the major healthcare crisis in Romania and the lack of improvement for decades, and eventually uncovers a corruption scandal that rocked the entire nation.


Here's a couple of very good discussions on Going Underground. The first one going into the recent attack in Iran and conjecture on how Iran and US relations might play out with the current incoming administration. Is there an attempt by other countries and our intelligence to dictate our involvement?

The next one is on a series of healthcare issues in Romania. As this type of manipulation and corruption is going on in Romania, which here in the US is particularly obvious, is it possible a degree of our covid deaths are for the same reasons?

William_Mary 8 Nov 30
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Wasn't Mike Pompeo at that meeting? He'd be representing Trumps desires. It is sick that the Saudis side with Israel against a fellow moslem country just because Iran is Shia.

Yea, the news I'm getting says he attended one with Israel and Saudi Arabia in which Iran was the subject. More specific, I understand it as being with Netanyahu and Mohammed bin Salman.

Personally I find the entire world structure over power sickening. It's a swiss cheese with more holes than substance to eat from of hypocrisy, betrayal, and contradiction. When tribal warring and stereo typing is replaced with suppression and oppression of your own for power, is there really any sense of social advancement? Basically what you find between Israel and Saudi Arabia. Then the US with a Zionist state government. With a new administration now going to be lead by 2 known self proclaimed Zionist, at least supporters of in a vast degree, no real sense of change will come to that region.

Which is worse? Trump who seemingly incited groups who hate the Jewish while supporting the Zionist, or Biden and Harris who have managed to erase their history of the same type of personas as Zionist within past actions? Deceitfully using Jewish terminology and rights towards deflecting from their agendas on all parts above.

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