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The Coming Wave of Evictions Will Significantly Worsen America’s Covid-19 Crisis

Lost in the pandemic news coverage of risk-laden holiday travel and restaurant dining lies an event that could endanger far more lives: the expiration of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s temporary order to halt evictions. This order, which took effect on Sept. 4 and provided some protections against evictions after the CARES Act temporary moratorium expired, is set to expire on Dec. 31 unless the federal government takes immediate action.


{Many who lose their homes will go to live with friends or relatives, increasing the risk of Covid-19 exposure for everyone in the home. In fact, studies of other contagious diseases have found that adding as few as two new members to a household can as much as double the risk of illness. People who are evicted may also experience decreased access to Covid-19 testing and medical attention because they are forced to move to poorer, underserved, and medically neglected neighborhoods.}

We just recently experienced this ourselves. Mary's brother who has been struggling with various health issues, unemployment due to those, and stable living, had tested positive at the hospital when he went in for breathing problems. Just recently having moved into another friends place it seems he caught the virus there. We are currently at the end of an isolation period due to close contact as he's been working on a project for me here on the house.

It's quite a shame to watch him go through all these trials with the multiple talents he holds! Greg is virtually a king of fix it, build it, and a gifted mechanic on all types of vehicles. If I had half the talent Greg has I could possibly have several businesses. I can imagine how many people like him are falling into this same unavoidable scenario, if only it had been sincerely addressed from the beginning. Even the more healthier.

{As we urge in our article, in order to protect everyone’s health during a pandemic, we must protect those most likely to contract, spread and die from infectious disease. That means prioritizing people in poverty and people of color, who are more likely to be evicted and more likely to suffer severe health harms from Covid-19.}

However, if you haven't learned by now, this isn't a concern within a capitalist system. It doesn't provide the sense of profit to be properly prepared for such issues as these in a capitalist system. We are expendable.

William_Mary 8 Dec 13
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The oligarchy really doesn't care if the peasants die off, as long as they don't spread Covid to the rich.


wow. For me other than being unable to move about town in our normal fashion our lives haven't really been changed much by this mess. I am glad your relations are feeling better.

Donna_I Level 8 Dec 13, 2020

!stay safe!

@William_Mary You too! 🙂

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