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Arms Dealers, are they a necessity in this world and is America, UK, France, Russia and China the biggest suppliers?

Another illusion supposedly containing some true histories. []

Not a film to be taken lightly but perhaps one that will shortly reflect its origin.

FrayedBear 9 Jan 16
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Arms dealers are scum. They see a way to make an easy buck in our system and they take advantage of it. Their reasoning is that someone else is probably going to do it anyway. The difference is that being an arms dealer destroys millions of people's lives. We're not talking about some person that sees an opportunity to fill a market need by selling a new and improved product that helps people. We're talking about people that sell weapons of death. I have interacted with someone on another website that is an admitted weapons maker. He's a Democrat and a claimed left winger or moderate. He's often a hypocrite when criticizing politicians, but then when I call him out on his profession he ignores it and keeps going with the criticisms. It's like hey, you make weapons that murder other people and you have the nerve to talk about a politician doing something unethical? Another problem is that he only criticizes one side of the political system in the U.S.

I would say the only things that weapons have been good for are for personal protection and hunting food. When we start to get to bigger weapons like automatic weapons to rockets and grenade launchers and bombs etc etc etc. then it's just all about war and imperialism and how much damage you can do. I know wars were fought with swords back in the day, but there is something especially "evil" about weapons manufacturers these days.

If we could get rid of every single big weapon then I'm for it. I mean we could get rid of them all, but it's not going to happen. Sometimes I've thought that it's possible that we've had civilizations before we even know about that could have been so technologically advanced that they have destroyed any trace of themselves with weapons we can't even imagine yet. How do we know there was nothing before the earliest period we have evidence for? There is no physical evidence, but that could have been destroyed by a really advanced weapon. Maybe it's a recurring thing, but we aren't at that stage in our advancement yet. Humans have been around for about 5-7 million years. The Earth has been here for about 4.5 billion years.

I'm waiting for the Ark of the Covenant to be found. Or pulled out of hiding 😟

@William_Mary Well, I didn't say anything about religious mumbo jumbo lol


They're necessary to keep capitalism working under the current ruling class structure. Just as the black market in drugs are. All wars are tied to these 2 aspects of the world society. All world currencies are dependent on the flow of this money to hide the many ponzi schemes embedded in the ruling class crimes on society.

In other words not necessary for the benefit of the majority of humanity.


I've been watching a show on National Geographic called Trafficked with Mariana van Zeller. This weeks episode was on guns from the US going across the southern border to be sold to drug cartels. This is another aspect of America that fuels the migration of immigrants to the US that goes hand in hand with our colonialism ravaging their societies. As we turn their countries into virtual fascist states in which gangs and cartels have as much or more power than their governments, many flee for the US. If you get a chance try to catch this show. Or any of hers. []

Not accessible in my geographic area.

@FrayedBear try youtube

@William_Mary you can get a copy after sign up at

@FrayedBear yea, I tried before I replied to your initial post. I can get it because I'm using Direct Satellite as my provider. But I couldn't find a way to post a link for others to watch or I'd had made a post. What comes up as you found isn't her show. But I want others who can get the channel to be aware so they can try to catch it. So those following this thread. There are other providers on the list which you can use to watch this and other episodes of hers also. She has a couple of really good episodes of interest. Or if you get the channel at home it's worth searching on On Demand.

@William_Mary you can buy it at Amazon and iPhones.

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