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Biden’s inaugural address: Banality and empty abstractions to cover over reality

President Joseph Biden’s inaugural address yesterday was significant above all for its banality. Amidst an unprecedented political, social and economic crisis of the entire capitalist order, Biden delivered remarks filled with cliches, incoherent non sequiturs and the emptiest of abstractions.


I've read a number of articles I could post detailing a number of possible moves Biden could make to benefit society. He made approximately 15 to 17 yesterday depending on what source you read. Only time will tell if they actually make a difference, degree of difference, funding needed to be applied, if applied. None of which at the moment address global warring and death by sanctions.

End the war on terrorism. Medicare for all under national emergency measures via this virus. He could forgive loans equal to average public-college tuition on a rolling basis for two- and four-year public colleges. $15 an hour minimum wage for federal contract employees. There many more executive actions he could move on if there were a real sense of change in this guy.

Joseph Kishore brilliantly analyzes Biden’s inaugural address with critical thought. Kishore was the SEP presidential candidate that exposes the hidden meanings in Biden's address. This is the type of president we need. Someone who actually gets it.

William_Mary 8 Jan 21
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If you say nowt you can't be accused of owt.

Another fence sitter.

FrayedBear Level 9 Jan 21, 2021

If he's going to relieve any amount of student debt then he needs to do it quick because I still have about $530 left to pay lol. Too bad something like this wasn't discussed earlier when it was about $10,000. I remember when I was making almost $70 payments when I first got out of college and only half the bill was coming off because half of it was interest. Yes, those are correct numbers.

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