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LINK Killing Nora: The Real Reason Trump Should Have Been Impeached

I'd forgotten about this! Not like the U.S. doesn't kill kids on a regular basis ...

Its been 4 years. Jesus Christ! Has it really been 4 years? The Yakla raid was launched a week after Trump's inauguration, so yeah, its been 4 goddamn years since Donald Trump sent a Seal Team 6 death squad to a rural village in central Yemen to murder an 8 year old American girl named Nora al-Awlaki. She was shot in the neck and left to bleed to death over a period of two agonizing hours in her wounded mother's arms. A mountain of excuses has followed ... To me, that is the most repulsive fact of the Trump regime. The Democrats wasted millions of dollars, thousands of hours, pouring over one ridiculous conspiracy theory after another, while Trump literally got away with murder after murder after murder. In those 4 years since little Nora died, hundreds of thousands of Yemeni children have followed her to the grave and that orange bastard's fingerprints are on every tiny body.

altschmerz 9 Jan 23
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No, Trump should have never been allowed to make it through his first primary cycle. Rally after rally was evidence of his intent and persona. Clinton and the MSCM who were proven to purposely propel Trump to the top of the republican party should have disqualified Clinton with the MSCM facing large fines and harsh reprimands for their collaboration. Trump should have been served with several indictments of inciting violence and menacing and held accountable for the personal body harm and destruction of property throughout the period he was allowed to proceed during the primary. While Clinton, and a number of members of the DNC should have been arrested for manufacturing a fraudulent primary election cycle, tampering at the least, facing harsh reprimands and banishment from any government positions any of them held. Never allowed to hold or seek public or government position for life. Organized conspiracy to control an election should be seen as an act of treason.

@altschmerz those leaked emails virtually stymied any chance of her running for president again. They are for now seemingly her wall along with being supplied questions for the debates. It should have also stymied any sense of integrity seen coming from MSCM for their complicity and giving Trump billions in free campaign air time. All this provided actions towards the numerous provocations at Trump rallies that lead to fights and chaos at protest nationwide during that period where many people were harmed and killed. Trump incited these from the stage of rallies and the floormate of Fox news while the rest of MSCM propelled him forward fueling the chaos. He was allowed to go on to do this as president also right to the very end. It was a total sense of complicity from the entire governance made up of local, state, and national.

Unfortunately, those who are now supporting the new administration are complicit in acceptance because they actually think they have accomplished something. The only thing they have accomplished is continuance of the same failed system that will become worse. Continuance of every failed aspect of governance that got us to where we are. A new suit on a dead body still has a dead body within.

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