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Neither Class Reduction nor Race Reduction: Toward a Revolutionary Left Framework on an Age-Old Debate

White supremacy and class struggle must thus be taken together as parts of a whole social system rather than separate categories of oppression.


{Liberalism is by definition ahistorical so it should come as no surprise that race reductionists and class reductionists get events like January 6th so wrong. The white supremacist state cannot censor itself, nor does it have any interest in creating the economic conditions for its own dissolution. White supremacy and class are not separate phenomenon, especially in the context of the United States. Gerald Horne and Theodore Allen have both proven through historical record that white supremacy is embedded in the capitalist political economy of the United States. Malcolm X stated this plainly when he remarked that “you can't have capitalism without racism.” White supremacy and class struggle must thus be taken together as parts of a whole social system rather than separate categories of oppression.}

The truth is that these type of people have been supporting this ideology, especially, since the 50's when the war on socialism began with the help of organized religion. God was incorporated into our currency. Changes made to the pledge of allegiance. Making the same mistake as democrat and neoliberal make by supporting against their own interest.

{White supremacy and class struggle must thus be taken together as parts of a whole social system rather than separate categories of oppression.}

We must find a way for us all to break through this managed perception on both sides to break free from the chains of conditioning. I will argue that a vast amount of people in the fascist arena are there under conditions of poor upbringing and peer pressure that can be eliminated once properly educated to the workings of a systemic propaganda agenda. Many are no different than those who blissfully support the democrats without applying critical thought due to a lack of obtaining questioning information. These people face another added social construct of propaganda that needs to be brought to the light of public which exposes its dynamic workings especially within the republican arena. We all know some of these people to some degree. Many of us have them in our families. Our circle of friends and work place. We agree on a lot politically until we reach this point. Information is the key to open the door for unity.

{All the while, white liberals and the so-called leadership of “Black Lives Matter” have followed the Democrats down a “race only” framework which seeks inclusion within a decaying imperialist state alongside openly racist “blue MAGA” demagogues like Joe Biden.}

As it went into this Danny spoke of communist. Both parties and the MSCM have profoundly mislead the public on Russia and semantics of socialism. Compounding the extremity of this issue we face on purpose.

{For example, both race-first and class-first advocates often side with the U.S. ruling class on the critical question of war and peace. U.S. aggression toward Syria, China, and a host of countries is virtually ignored in place of false equivalencies between the victim and the perpetrator of imperialist crimes. Class-first and race-first activists, while differing in their approach to domestic affairs, often stand on the same side when it comes to U.S. militarism beyond the “red, white, and blue”-painted colonial borders of the United States.}

William_Mary 8 Jan 31
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Needs to be much shorter. Proof-read your product for coherence. If you make an extreme claim, provide a reference for context and validation (i.e. Compounding the extremity of this issue we face on purpose.)

The US as well as the rest of the world will face ecological and economic collapse before significant inroads can be made against racist behaviors.

racocn8 Level 8 Jan 31, 2021

Thank you for the suggestion. I'm definitely not a major in English. Just a amateur arm chair political commentator. I can't make people like my style or work. It's the agenda I go on though.

William_Mary Spend some time editing to make it concise and readable. Practice makes it better, and you'll produce a product you can take pride in. The more you edit, the more you'll see what works. If you want to persuade people, you have to be effective.

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