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The Age of Social Murder

The ruling elites, despite the accelerating and tangible ecological collapse, mollify us, either by meaningless gestures or denial.


{A seven-meter (23-foot) rise in sea level, which is what will take place once the ice is gone, means every town and city on a coast at sea level will have to be evacuated.}

In other words. For anyone living in these areas you're building a futile existence for your families potential future. Their past is going to drown under a tangible ecological collapse.

{Social murder, as Friedrich Engels noted in his 1845 book “The Condition of the Working-Class in England,” one of the most important works of social history, is built into the capitalist system. The ruling elites, Engels writes, those that hold “social and political control,” were aware that the harsh working and living conditions during the industrial revolution doomed workers to “an early and unnatural death:” }

For those who might be unaware, Engels worked very closely with Karl Marx and supported Marx through a good deal of their workings. Engels eventually finished some of Marx works after his death.

{The ruling class devotes tremendous resources to mask this social murder. They control the narrative in the press. They falsify science and data, as the fossil fuel industry has done for decades. They set up committees, commissions and international bodies, such as UN climate summits, to pretend to address the problem. Or they deny, despite the dramatically changing weather patterns, that the problem even exists.}

{Israel’s decision to distribute COVID-19 vaccines to as many as 19 countries while refusing to vaccinate the 5 million Palestinians living under its occupation is emblematic of the ruling elite’s stunning myopia, not to mention immorality.}

When nature provides another means to your genocide program.

{A decade from now we will look back at the current global ruling class as the most criminal in human history, willfully dooming millions upon millions of people to die, including those from this pandemic, which dwarf the murderous excesses of the killers of the past including the Europeans that carried out the genocide of the indigenous peoples in the Americas, the Nazis that exterminated some 12 million people, the Stalinists or Mao’s Cultural Revolution. This is the largest crime against humanity ever committed. It is being committed in front of us. And, with few exceptions, we are willfully being herded like sheep to the slaughter.}

Is this what you're willing to leave behind for your children and grand children?

{The Biden administration will not carry out the economic, political, social or environmental reforms that will save us. The fossil fuel industry will continue to extract oil. The wars will not end. Social inequality will grow. Government control, with its militarized police forces of internal occupation, wholesale surveillance and loss of civil liberties, will expand. New pandemics, along with droughts, wildfires, monster hurricanes, crippling heat waves and flooding, will lay waste to the country as well as a population burdened by a for-profit health care system that is not designed or equipped to deal with a national health crisis.}

While we watch this unfold, again, as WSWS taught us for 4 years, can we finally sway enough to revolt? Will you finally speak out within your circle? We must all learn ways to productively get this message out within our circles intellectually. Evaluate and construct a good short response for each issue, manufacturing a carefully thought out approach towards a peaceful discussion. Be armed with knowledge! Most only know the rhetoric they learn from the media and social media which can be easily debunked with knowledge. Those in your circle are more likely to listen if addressed respectfully. We'll never change this 2 party establishment. We must find a way to unite behind a party for the people.

{How do we resist? Why, if this social murder is inevitable, as I believe it is, do we even fight back? Why not give in to cynicism and despair? Why not withdraw and spend our lives attempting to satiate our private needs and desires? We are all complicit, paralyzed by the overwhelming force of the megamachine and bound to its destructive energy by our allotted slots within its massive machinery.”

Yet, to fail to act, and this means carrying out mass, sustained acts of nonviolent civil disobedience in an attempt to smash the megamachine, is spiritual death. It is to succumb to the cynicism, hedonism and numbness that has turned the systems managers and technocrats that orchestrate this social murder into human cogs. It is to surrender our humanity. It is to become an accomplice.

The capacity to exercise moral autonomy, to refuse to cooperate, to wreck the megamachine, offers us the only possibility left to personal freedom and a life of meaning. Rebellion is its own justification. It erodes, however imperceptibly, the structures of oppression. It sustains the embers of empathy and compassion, as well as justice. These embers are not insignificant. They keep alive the capacity to be human. They keep alive the possibility, however dim, that the forces that are orchestrating our social murder can be stopped. Rebellion must be embraced, finally, not only for what it will achieve, but for what it will allow us to become. In that becoming we find hope.}


William_Mary 8 Mar 6
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One is either pissed off or asleep. At least Greta Thunberg gets some attention. My nephew is the same age as her and balks at recycling everything possible, I told him if he didn't take the bows off the wrapping paper and recycle every scrap he had better learn to swim and live without food.

MizJ Level 8 Mar 6, 2021

Blind compliance is a symptom of a well conditioned person from perception management. Hedges correctly addresses this in the article explaining how so many are compliant. I have even addressed this nature of ours in this group on occasion in 2 forms.

We are as a collective compliant as we live in the system forced upon us. We have the ability however to choose how deeply we interact within it though. Awake we can minimize our participation while attempting to unite others in dissent.

Those however who choose to sleep through the controlled narratives become trapped in a delusional reality that harms us all.

My call above to address within our circles to be armed with knowledge can be found in the article above to some issues. Using them to address who you're talking about intellectually might open their minds if addressed pointedly, strategically. Using the knowledge in articles I post here provide extensive knowledge for others. Moving a mind towards being inquiring is imperative.

I'm kind of shocked, but not really, how many people just don't care. So many people are slobs. My neighborhood used to be clean, but now I see garbage all over the place. People are so lazy and throw their crap all over the place. I went grocery shopping today and there is garbage on every street. The wind blowing it around too. How hard is it to throw it in a garbage pail? There are literally like 10 garbage pails on every block here and I still see A LOT of garbage on the sidewalks.

Then we have sanitation that is supposed to take recyclables on Thursday nights/Friday mornings and most of the time for weeks now they have been leaving it for later. These guys are prima donnas too. If the garbage isn't perfectly how they want it to be, they won't take it. It's not just specific houses either because I see them leave EVERYONE'S garbage for days after they're supposed to pick it up. Sometimes they don't pick up certain garbage at all. I also never see a street sweeper anymore.

I kind of like the way my brother's state does it. Where he lives, you have to bring your own garbage to the dump. Less problems having to rely on these little babies. These guys make anywhere from like $50k to $90k with great benefits here. Then when you complain they target your house with even more horrible service. There is no consequence to people doing shitty jobs where they work these days. There is no threat of them losing what they have so they don't care.

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