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Joe Biden: The Expect Nothing Presidency

The era of Biden is marked by a return to “business as usual” in Washington. Trump’s erratic rule interrupted the bipartisan consensus of war and austerity by stripping off the mask of American exceptionalism. Biden’s administration is desperately trying to place this mask back on to an increasingly unstable imperialist system. After four years of being repeatedly misinformed by the corporate media that Donald Trump was a Russian-sponsored fascist, the masses are now being gaslit into believing their lives are better off with Biden even as the crises engendered by “business as usual” politics continue to pile on.


{Yet as Malcolm X foretold, merely acknowledging racism without addressing capitalism is a political dead-end. Racial disparities in poverty, mass incarceration, and across all indicators of social being are the product of a form of class rule that cannot exist without the imposition of race-based exploitation. Biden and his allies in the Black misleadership class have predictably removed power from all political discussion surrounding race.}

Simply appointing positions to "a more diverse cabinet" doesn't mean the issues will be addressed. {In fact, the mere acknowledgement of racism is being peddled by the Democratic Party as a political victory in and of itself.} It is, is it? And they/it won't be, aren't being. I'm still reading reports on a weekly bases of the same types of killings and questionable acts, they just aren't being highlighted in the media the same today. And the democrats aren't getting anywhere with legislation either. [] It was convenient to apply {“George Floyd Justice in Policing Act,”} to a bill where a procedure that killed Floyd was already outlawed in that state. Where's BLM now? I hear nothing now that democrats are in control. Is that what 90 million dollars is worth? Compliant silence? {Marxists have long explained that the police are not “peacekeepers.” They are an essential component of the capitalist state, which, as Lenin and Engels explained, consists of “special bodies of armed men having prisons, etc. at their command.” Their essential social function, as of the state as a whole, is to defend the property, profits and political domination of the corporate-financial ruling class, utilizing whatever repressive and violent means are required against the working class.} Malcolm X came to understand this. When will the rest of the black community who, like BLK, stop affiliating themselves with a party that has no intentions of genuinely helping them understand this?

{This is why celebrations of Kamala Harris and Llyod Austin never come with real policy proscriptions for the masses of Black people and why Biden’s hostile guarantee not to use executive powers to aid Black America was met with zero opposition from so-called Black “civil rights organizations.” Removing power from popular debate greatly hinders the development of political expectations, and therefore mass movements armed with demands on power. What’s left is political opportunism and class collaboration.}

The top tier of BLM, like the black elite misleadership politicians, became opportunist and collaborate, betraying the social structure of black communities. The show for now is on mute until the next commercialized murder of an innocent that can't be controlled.

William_Mary 8 Mar 6
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