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Tulsi Gabbard calls out the US dirty war on Syria that Biden, aides admit to

As Tulsi Gabbard criticizes former Congressional colleagues for ignoring the ongoing US dirty war and sanctions on Syria, a look at the comments of Joe Biden and top aides show that they have admitted to the same underlying, horrific facts. Gabbard only stands apart — and is even vilified — for being willing to call it out.


I'm not a major fan of Gabbard's. I've been through this before. She's to much to little to late and I watched her in a town hall meeting allow a DNC head control and stop her from answering a legitimate question on the 2016 primary actions against Sanders from an attendee. In which the microphone was taken from him and pushed aside.

Biden tells the truth then later apologizes for upsetting his foreign owners. Imagine that. We're helping to secure the largest Al-Qaeda safe heaven since 9/11. You really don't need a moment for that to settle in, do you? Graham attempts to downplay funding and supporting ISIS. Much of what we and allies send into the area ends up in their possession.

We can thank Russia for stopping ISIS from taking over Syria. The US was willing to allow ISIS to take Damascus which would provide them a vast area to then be addressed later. Think of the resources that would have provided, and then the resources it would have taken to dispose of them. More American troops murdered in the name of the emperors playgrounds.

These people who orchestrated this murderous crime are now back into power in the Biden administration. And these people don't see anything wrong with it. !Fucking brilliant!

It's not about democracy. It's not about diplomacy. It's not about human rights. It's about oil and the part of the region the country relies on for food. To get the resources we are committing genocide and preventing a country from rebuilding after we are responsible for illegally destroyed it. After we created and supplied terrorist from another illegal war in Iraq, we moved them to Syria to use them in another illegal war. This is what so many American's have died for in Iraq and continuing today in Afghanistan. This is what we've spent so much money on to be so incapable of handling a pandemic and advancing our social structure. This is what we all have our names on.

William_Mary 8 Mar 7
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How are you not carrying water for Putin? The screed is pure agitprop nonsense.

racocn8 Level 9 Mar 7, 2021

You know where the door is. Your negativity and denial of facts that were provided are not welcome here. As admissions from the establishment were within that Aaron Mate provided. I've covered this issue for years here in which each that Aaron mentioned have been verified by him and other independent journalist along with his new video coverage of verbal admissions. If you're so intent to remain conditioned to brush off the facts, then we have nothing for you and you have nothing to offer us from your delusional state. Just leave.


Cultists to the left of me, cultists to the right....

It's amazing how people have become such lemmings for their political parties nowadays. They have the nerve to talk about propaganda when they fall for it hook line and sinker ALL THE TIME!!! They think they're intelligent, but have cognitive dissonance or just don't care. Their team is in charge now. War is good! Rich people work hard! Pull yourself up by your bootstraps!!! Democrats have more in common with Republicans than they like to admit.

Don't forget.......mainstream corporate owned and government friendly media is the only credible source for anything. <zombies>

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