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Thoughts On The Iraq Invasion

!!!It has now been eighteen years since the Iraq invasion, and Iโ€™m still not done raging about it. Nobody should be!!!


It has to be said. It needs to be told over and over again until this congregation of criminals and their supporters are banished. The criminals banished from ever being able to conduct such actions again, and their supporters finally comprehend how they hold such responsibility of it still happening today. As she left out Venezuela and the growing tensions in Ukraine.

If you're voting within their orchestrated elections for any of them, you're supporting the vanity of every death of 9/11. The blood of every Iraqi and the other countries forward to today is just as much on your hands as theirs. Every American sent abroad from Iraq onward who has suffered by any means is on your hands. In and on all our names. These are facts that can't be denied unless you're as delusional as their information being forced upon us.

{So much establishment loyalism ultimately boils down to an entirely faith-based and unquestioned belief that the corrupt, depraved power establishment which facilitated the Iraq war completely evaporated as soon as George W Bush and Tony Blair left office. There is literally no reason to believe this besides it feeling more psychologically comfortable to believe it.}

Especially here in this community, a cult has managed to mentally swindle us into a religion of death for global control.

!!Never let anyone shout you down for openly doubting US intelligence on foreign nations. Iraq means they donโ€™t get to do that anymore. Ever.!!

William_Mary 8 Mar 22
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My artwork the day afterwards made from the Sydney paper that day. Inside the figure images of the bombing, outside images of our normal lives in Australia; largely unaffected by the going against the UN and blanket bombing their people ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ

I wonder what would have happened if the US withdrew troops instead?

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