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Establishment Role in Anti-Asian Bigotry

Sinophobia in particular has been quite overt, with the corporate media following the dictates of U.S. foreign policy. When Donald Trump was president they repeated his every lie and insult, and supported every decision intended to thwart China. They may have sneered when he spoke of the “China virus” but they joined in telling lies about the beginnings of the COVID pandemic and ignored China’s successful response which resulted in fewer than 5,000 deaths while Americans have more than 500,000 and counting. When those narratives were combined with typical American racism it is little wonder that mass murder and hatred will take hold.


History I keep telling you. Yes, it's like 2001 again. Although in 2001, it was a people in whole and their religion which became under attack. But it was another country separate from much of the others which funded and supported 9/11 who practice a much darker type of religion. We don't get the truth of that day, and we won't hear about the religion or the disdain it holds against us. Because we help support their atrocities as they feed our corporate capitalist system via the military industrial complex. We partner with them in death and destruction, even if it means killing our own and destroys our cities. These are just things good globalist allow to happen when they collaborate with each other. Innocent bystanders are viewed as mere collateral damage for the agendas benefit. They get along with our government so well because our governments religion is the same. And many of us are trapped in a delusional reality unable to recognize this. Maybe some day we'll be so fortunate to advance to their level having beheadings on our professional football fields to go watch for ridicules lower crimes.

{Democrats predictably join in and speak of China as an adversary which must be kept under control. So-called progressives join in the hatefest just as eagerly as Trump and now Biden do.}

It will all be better when Trump is gone. How's that working out for the world? While the sky is still falling over the US. Maybe another $1400 will stop all the madness rather than add to it.

{In any case the biggest killers are all safely at the top of the pyramid, untouched and unbothered. But their words and deeds have consequences. When the consequence is death no one should be surprised or let the worst bigots off the hook because they meet inside the White House.}

And they all make appearances at the House of Saud from time to time. What a horrifically crooked world we live in.

William_Mary 8 Mar 28
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