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Science vs propaganda: World Health Organization report exposes “Wuhan laboratory” lie

Last weekend, CNN ran a report on the US response to the pandemic that made clear that virtually the entire US response to the pandemic was dictated by the defense not of human lives, but rather the economic interests of the financial elite. As a result, more people have died from COVID-19 in the United States than in any other country. Desperate to shift the blame and create an external enemy, the US media and Biden administration are repeating Trump’s maxim: “It’s China’s fault!”


William_Mary 8 Mar 31
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Of course. Everyone else is fodder for the rich. They only value their own interests and money and power. The rest of us are expendable and here to serve them. That's how narcissists and psychopaths think.

Their decisions are never based on the good of everyone or the majority.

Guess what though? We the many...........let them do it. The majority of people have been made docile through effective means over the decades. You don't want to rock the boat. You don't want to lose your job. You don't want your kids going hungry. Obey and we will let you have the basic necessities......kind of. Except now, the basic necessities are becoming harder and harder to maintain the way the system is bottlenecking resources and wealth. One day it's going to get pushed to the breaking point, but it might be too late by then because these psychos probably have the next 100 years planned out with what to do with each scenario. We are the boiling frog. It's still quite comfortable in here now. No need to jump out and risk losing that comfortability. When it gets to be too hot, we won't be able to jump out of the pot.

.....and that's my cheerful rant of the day! 😀


It seems like MOST wars are helped along by the demonization of "others". Us versus them is the same old story, same old propaganda. When one recognizes this it seems so pitiful and childish.

MizJ Level 8 Mar 31, 2021
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racocn8 Level 8 Mar 31, 2021

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