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Biden drops corporate tax increase and cuts infrastructure plan by over $1 trillion in negotiations with Republicans

In private talks with Republicans at the White House on Wednesday, President Joe Biden offered to dramatically reduce his $2.25 trillion infrastructure package by eliminating a proposed corporate tax increase and by cutting the total spending in the plan by more than half.


Basically what we have here is another, I told you so. Same ole sorry ass democratic deceptive tactics to gain support from the same ole sorry ass supporters who refuse to use history as their guide. WSWS clearly again predicted the final ending results of a manipulated facade within Biden and his party's spoken agenda. Again unwilling to use the means to finalize their agenda in which the republicans wouldn't hesitate to use to fuck us. This is yet another obvious 1-2 punch to knock us out that Johnstone and many others make aware to us that democrats work with republicans against us in collaboration. No politician in either of these parties should ever get another vote from any citizen in this country until they are all gone. They could all be replaced by the brightest high school drop outs and the country would be better off with the right mentorship. Just nuke the swamp as it's cleared out.

It wasn't good enough that virtually all means and production from, from the initial start would have ended up benefiting corporations and the ruling class, just as every relief measure has since 2020 began, but they had to tear down as much as they could of what would benefit the commons and society as a whole.

Joe Manchin. A democrat steps up to being the sole person to make it all seem unworkable using unity as a necessary element towards the facade of failure. They didn't even have the balls to force the blame onto republicans this time to support the facade of attempting to work across the aisle.

William_Mary 8 June 5
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Why would they use their majority? Well, it's because they're on the same team lol

How long does it take for the people to realize it?

The Republicans NEVER give up their majority to compromise! It's all to move the political spectrum further to the right.

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