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Biden Plans to Enact Trump Rule Allowing Drug Companies to Price Gouge on Life-Saving Treatments

The plan, initiated by the Trump administration in January, would gut a key government power for making sure taxpayer-funded pharmaceuticals are available to the public at reasonable prices.


{The Biden administration is officially moving forward with a Trump rulemaking that would eliminate a key government power for driving down the costs of drugs and other inventions built from federal research.}

As we moved into the 2020 elections and it became apparent that the establishment democrats were purposely paving a road to a Biden win against all odds, and American voters desires, some of us gave fair warnings of issues like this. Especially towards those who bellowed about their social security, medicare, and or low cost prescriptions. You, buying into the fear mongering of Trump, we warned of Biden's past records on these issues. When I say I told you so gives me no sense of enjoyment. Because the rest of us, and those who haven't yet reach a period of such benefits you now enjoy, have just became the targets facing a future that may never offer us such benefits. You were more than willing to sacrifice the rest of us for yourselves as you looked over us and overlooked his history.

And this may come back to bite your ass also. As someone who is on the Social Security email list, one of the reoccurring messages within their articles is a constant call for the Biden administration to keep his promises on all these issues. Like the rest of us, as we also warned, you're on the back burner simmering in a pot of water with us waiting to become a corporations meal. As once again these issues will take a hit towards another backward negative for society as a whole as they have been for decades, like all issues. When that 1-2 punch of Johnstones reveals itself again yet no one takes notice.

{Joe Biden has stood against many Democrats for decades when it comes to the government using its power to influence drug pricing. In 1995, he was one of eight Democrats who voted to table a Sen. Paul Wellstone amendment to restore a clause in contracts requiring that publicly funded drugs be reasonably priced, which had been stripped by the Clinton administration at the behest of the pharmaceutical lobby. During the 2020 presidential primary campaign, Biden declined to endorse the use of march-in rights for driving down drug costs, unlike Buttigieg, Harris, Sanders, and Warren, who all included march-in in their drug pricing reform platforms.}

{The pharmaceutical industry has been a major backer of Biden. It kicked in more than $5 million to groups that made independent expenditures to boost his presidential campaign, according to OpenSecrets, and Pfizer made a $1 million donation to Biden’s inaugural committee. Pfizer’s COVID vaccine uses a spike protein patent licensed from the National Institutes of Health to BioNTech, its partner in the drug. OpenSecrets, which assigns industry groupings to donors, says that PACs and individuals affiliated with “pharmaceuticals/health products” have donated more than $8.6 million to Biden’s campaigns since 1989.}

{Biden has yet to pick a director for NIST, and his nominee will likely play a key role in determining if this rulemaking is pulled or if it is completed in October as described in the regulatory agenda.}

One should clearly be able to see who Biden actually works for here, and it isn't us. The balls in your court now. You wanted him and got him. Now hold the fire to his feet as October comes or allow the heat under us to be turned up. You put yourselves in the spot light against us, now live up to it by turning off the heat.

William_Mary 8 June 26
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