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{Is the US withdrawal from Afghanistan a trap for China? Here’s a quick analysis on that possible 4D chess move.}

My chess verses checkers game being played out with the help of India?

{Afghanistan has been the deadliest vortex for imperial/foreign armies for many centuries. And it was the perfect trap that America set for the Soviet Union in the 1980s. Contrary to the mainstream narrative, the USSR did not “invade” Afghanistan. As Brzezinski admitted in the 1990s, the U.S. wanted to create a “Vietnam for the USSR” — an unwinnable and humiliating war. Thus, the U.S. set up camps in Pakistan and armed/trained fundamentalist Afghan tribes. When these insurgents became intolerable, the Afghan government sought help from Russia, which had invested a lot of money in Afghanistan in the previous three decades.}

Afghanistan was once a thriving country with a vast cultural identity. It wasn't particularly rich, but it was a gateway of trade that helped to make it livable and self sufficient. With all western interference, the first things to go is the farming and culture. With a socialist governing at the time, that also made it a target. This is why they turned to Russia for help.


William_Mary 8 July 11
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