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What Did We Learn from the CPC’s 100th Anniversary? Leadership Matters

U.S. political leadership has doubled down on the status quo rather than adapt to the needs of the people. Instead of following through on widely supported policies such as universal healthcare, student debt relief and a living wage, the Biden administration has increased the military budget. Instead of reducing the prison population, the Biden administration has increased weapons transfers from the Pentagon to local police departments. It should come as no surprise that U.S. presidents struggle to maintain favorability ratings above 45 percent while Congress generally hovers at around half of such support. Change is hard to come by, even when such change is desired by most of the population and is required to preserve human life itself in the case of the COVID-19 pandemic. China does not have such a problem. The Communist Party of China (CPC) maintains popular support because adaptation is a key pillar of its governance model. Many in the U.S. and the West have been taught that the CPC does not allow criticism, both inside and outside of the organization. This is categorically false.


{The CPC started with just about 50 members in 1921. CPC leaders such as Mao Zedong and Zhou Enlai engaged in countless debates as the Party navigated often deadly encounters with warlords and aggressive foreign forces. This led the CPC to adapt from an urban-based organizing model to one focused on the more populous countryside, a change that was crucial in ending China's "century of humiliation" once and for all. Adaptation continued to be a theme following the CPC-led revolution that founded the People's Republic of China in 1949. Over the course of the last 72 years, the CPC has continuously implemented reforms and acknowledged mistakes in the process of socialist construction. Early successes in socialist development failed to shake off absolute poverty. The CPC responded by introducing reforms to rapidly develop and open the economy. Rapid market-oriented growth produced new challenges such as political corruption and uneven development. The CPC has addressed these challenges by renewing its focus on party discipline and strengthening its leadership over the nation's poverty alleviation campaign.}

Last week I posted an article from the World Socialist Web Site that spoke on how the CPC evolved from its initial 1921 Marxist structure towards a communist state -- corporate government over time. That was basically due to outside pressures spoken of above. Basically it correlates with the same betrayal Marxism faced in Russia after the 1917 revolution as westernized interference placed factors of a relative nature.

The Black Agenda Report here is explaining how China is now attempting to walk back that course. Over the course of a couple years I've explained how Venezuela's relations with China have been helping to steer China in this new direction as they've taken some notice of social structure benefiting Venezuela's society. In return, as we found in a short video from Venezuela last week also, China sent builders to Venezuela to help build some of the cheaper housing for lower and working class citizens at just cost of building. Another aspect above being talked about is community farming to fight hunger which was another Venezuela program the Chinese took from them.

{The Communist Party of China (CPC) maintains popular support because adaptation is a key pillar of its governance model. Many in the U.S. and the West have been taught that the CPC does not allow criticism, both inside and outside of the organization. This is categorically false.}

They do listen to their people despite what you might believe from our MSCM. And Asians are much more aware of the necessity of social structure as being a major importance towards a greater harmony for their society. A large reason China was able to conquer the virus so much better than the westernize countries. Bitching and protesting about being locked down for approximately 2 months was virtually nonexistent.

Unlike the westernized world where large numbers bitch like children who seemingly don't give a rats ass about their fellow citizens complaining about their fake rights they think they have. Most of who will step on what we have left of ours out of hypocrisy. Which was exactly what they were doing. They essentially helped our governments with the go ahead to normalize a viral weapon that is ongoing, growing stronger, and harder to fight a year and a half later, while China basically managed to micro manage it in half a year with drastically less deaths and cases.

{The achievements gained from the CPC's ability to adapt cannot be understated. China has become a world leader in renewable energy and advanced technology. Extreme poverty has been eliminated and living standards continue to improve for every sector of the society. The CPC has demonstrated the capacity to both successfully preserve human life in the fight against COVID-19 and extend solidarity to countless nations in their own fight against the virus. It is for these reasons and more that the CPC enjoys a growing membership of 95 million and an approval rating well above 90 percent.}

!There isn't a westernized government or representative that can touch 90%! That's an eternity away and yet somehow these ass hats still keep getting voted back into power. The same type of national leaders keep the world boiling for their ruling class owners.

{Political leadership reflects the legitimacy of a given society's model of development. U.S. officials claim to represent "democracy" even though elections are largely dictated by a wealthy minority. The U.S. model of neoliberal capitalism, characterized by racial antagonism and military aggression, is losing legitimacy with large segments of the population. More than 60 percent of people support a third-party alternative to the two major parties and large numbers of young adults want a more egalitarian society. By contrast, young adults make up one-third of the CPC – a number that continues to grow. It is clear that the people of China have chosen their preferred leadership. The same cannot be said in the United States.}

Not only are the elections bought by the ruling class, but I think I've done a fairly good job of pointing out how each party rigs the elections. If you don't understand this by now your head is buried in the fucking sand trap. As each party has been steadily moving to the right for 5 decades, they have each managed to rig elections so that left leaning minorities and progressives are purged from the voting list. And the party that is effected most by that does absolutely nothing to challenge this. Wont even talk about it, or their owned media. The democrats have also managed to purge and discourage people who would vote for a socialist for 2 election cycles now. They have virtually helped weaken their support base even further with these actions. We have only ourselves to blame as we look down the barrels of fascism coming at us for the continuance support our fellow citizens keep giving to these criminals.

It's a wonder Biden managed to win, if he did. If Trump runs in 2024, I highly doubt he will again. The right wing news media is doing a marvelous job of making Biden and Harris out to be the joke of the century. The left wing news media is all over Harris on its own right on an almost daily cause.

William_Mary 8 July 18
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