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Democrats drop defense of voting rights after Biden’s Philadelphia speech


{Biden flatly rejected changing the filibuster rule and reiterated his commitment to “unity” with his “Republican colleagues,” ignoring their overwhelming support for Trump and the ex-president’s ongoing efforts to build a fascist movement based on the lie of the “stolen election.”}

In other words. I'll argue this is the equivalent of collaboration found in Johnstone's [] with the going issue being voter rights this time. Another orchestrated shuffle right within a purposeful lack of representation. Out on the limb here, but I'm fairly certain the republicans would kill the filibuster to get their desired outcome through. When they gain power to do so, I'll take no pleasure in telling you, again, I told you so.

{The fact that organizations within and around the Democratic Party feel obliged to publicly call on the president to fight for legislation proposed and supported by his own party is a measure of the cowardice and duplicity of the Biden administration and the Democratic Party as a whole.}

As if it isn't already a major battle within republican strong holds to reduce voter suppression for certain progressive and left leaning voting classes, Biden is willing to allow it to become virtually impossible for a democratic base to exist.

{These developments underscore critical political realities that must be grasped by the working class: (1) There is no section of the ruling class or either of its political parties that maintains a genuine commitment to the defense of democratic rights, and (2) the danger of dictatorship and fascism can be defeated only through the independent mobilization of the working class in opposition to the existing political and economic system.}

We have no genuine sense of representation. If we did the country wouldn't have a steady continuous shuffle to the right. From the Johnstone article of Dec 2017

{They’re fighting to stop you from mounting a real revolution. They’re fighting to keep you striving for slow, incremental changes while the plutocrats build a cage of internet censorship, Orwellian surveillance, economic totalitarianism and militarized police around you as fast as they possibly can. They’re fighting to keep you begging for human rights like abortion and social justice while they continuously bolster and expand the soul-crushing Walmart economy. They’re fighting to stop you from seizing control of your government and using it to benefit yourselves instead of benefitting war profiteers and bankers.}

they've made great strides in accomplishing those areas of interest against us since.

William_Mary 8 July 24
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Every time I hear Biden say ""Bipartisanship"" I feel like puking. The Democrats need to end the filibuster and pass the Progressive Agenda unilaterally to raise up the working men and women of the poor and middle class. The Republicans are the party of the rich Capitalists who exploit the labor of the working classes.

nicknotes Level 8 July 24, 2021

You seem to be fixated on republicans as the sole enemy while neglecting to recognize the compliance and collaboration of the democrats. Biden's history, as I stated well before the election, is on parr today to be just another enabler to help move the country further to the right as Clinton and Obama did. Ruling class puppets. He's done little to turn back Trump policies, even expanding some. The border and immigration, seemingly betraying DACA, continuing warring programs, hyperbole China and Russia policies, fell to his knees on infrastructure, hyperbole Cuba and Venezuela, essentially a war on socialism, still printing, and voicing printing more, money by the truck loads for corporations and ruling class to benefit from while citizens bury themselves in more debt, disastrous virus policies. He now wants to fight a bubbling economic problem with the same failed policy that created it!

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy look at President Joe Biden’s call that the Fed should do whatever is necessary to help the economy recover. With stock markets and property prices at all-time-highs, however, what exactly is this ‘recovery’ of which the president speaks?

Quite frankly, nothing makes me want to cry more than when people make a statement such as ---- the democrats need to do this or that. I get a visual of Norm Chomsky who can perfectly speak about how bad all the various aspects of our government, economic, and social structure is, but then proceeds to attempt to indoctrinate listeners by making a statement as such knowing the democrats have been playing just as much a part in getting us where we are today as the republican.

@William_Mary Yes...the Democrats have been screwing us also. But they are the lesser of two evils. I like Bernie Sanders...I supported him the last two elections only to see him sabotaged by the Democratic party.

@nicknotes well I fall in line with those that say evil is still evil. Clinton extended as much or more evil on the world as Reagan and Bush did. Jr differently went far and beyond. Then Obama took it further. As did Trump. And Biden is well on his way of staying the course. Like climate change, eventually everything is going to come crashing down with the current direction.

So what are you going to tell your descendants? I voted for the lesser evil for you rather than dissenting from evil? Here's the world we left behind for you. 5000 dead men and women in Iraq over lies was better than 50,000 in Vietnam? Now go out and be a good serf and sacrifice yourselves for capitalism and the worlds most wealthy.

Nah, that's not acceptable to me.

@nicknotes by the way. I highly advocated for Sanders in 2016. I spent every spare moment on facehack in 2016 or earlier doing it. I worked with a lot of people to get them to understand Clinton's past and helping people learn how to change party affiliation. Only for him to betray us. By the 3rd debate it became obvious he was putting on a lame debate performance with only a few talking points. Then after he lost he joined in with the choir of the false Russia narrative knowing that election was stolen from him from the DNC and Clinton. All the evidence was there from the rigged caucuses and primary votes starting in Iowa to California, and the emails that were leaked from the DNC.

The most ridicules aspect he allowed to be played out was him not being good with foreign policy. You want me to believe that as both a senator and congressman after decades of service in DC, he had no ability to put a foreign policy team together or have built his own foreign policy opinion after decades of ranting on the floor over foreign issues? The biggest weapon that could have been used against Clinton's disastrous past.

Sanders is highly recognized and associated with the Democratic Socialist of America. Which is a fake socialist entity and an arm of the democratic party that was heightened to notoriety in 2016 to draw socialist minded youth into their party. Same as the related Jacobine Magazine. Their end path always leads to the capitalist that the democrats serve. Recently they sickly celebrated the assassination of Leon Trotsky praising the crimes of Stalinism.


@William_Mary You make some good points. But third parties have not done well in the US. We might do better if we can absorb the Democratic party and make it serve the interests of the working man.

@William_Mary So who shall be our standard bearer?

@nicknotes why can't 3rd parties do well? Think, why is there a war on socialism being waged now by the establishment parties? Why did Sanders have to have the primary rigged on him to be beat?

For Clinton not to have another beating as she got from Obama, which they never thought a black man could win the presidency at that time, they placed a self proclaimed democratic socialist beside her with the same ideal it would be an easy win. With 48% of the country being independent voters and 26% democrat, approximately 75% of the entire voting base, they made a major mistake failing to recognize that a majority of that voting base would be interested in voting for a socialist.

As I said above, in 2016 I advocated for Sanders. A fairly good amount of people I chatted and or worked with were disgruntled republicans who no longer recognize that as their historic party and longer. I helped explain to people of all age groups and walks of life how to change party affiliation to be able to vote for Sanders who were registered as independents and republican. You might be surprised how many were republican and in the 60's age group. Some states don't allow independent voters to vote in the primary. Ohio, which I'm in doesn't, but the day I go in I have the option to choose which party primary I'm going to vote in. Some states don't allow same day choice though either.

In California for example, independents have to ask for a specific type of ballot. But in 2016 and 2020 the election board purposely made this deceptive. One, voters were required to ask for this specific type of ballot correctly or they would be purposely given a disqualifying ballot.
Two, by not helping voters to fully understand this they were instructed to pass on a ballot that would get their vote disqualified. And then millions of ballots went uncounted in California in 2016 that we never heard of again when challenged. 2016 was riddled nationwide with challenges that never made the news afterwards.

My point here is that if Sanders as a proclaimed democratic socialist can garner the support to win a primary through only grassroots support and donations against the machine, why doesn't anyone apply that ideology to a 3rd party. I'm fairly sure Sanders won that primary on an honest table. 3rd parties don't do well for only one reason. People don't support them even though they know it would only take their support. Indoctrination is a large part of it. Part of it is because of the most obvious 3rd parties are basically just another arm of an existing party. Only the most radical seem to find support like the tea party did. Green party is basically a scattered party of various power structures where each region wants to do things differently, on their own, under a banner of popularity. I supported Jill Stein in 2016.

Today I strongly advocate and support the SEP (Socialist Equality Party) And I'm not turning back again. It's the only true socialist party promoting world unity dissenting from the capitalist system and military dominance that only benefits the world ruling class. Our military, our men and women, are the primary force being used by the world ruling class against the world citizenry for their benefit. All it takes for change is for us to stand up and support ourselves. Just like we supported and funded Sanders.

You can't change the democratic party from inside its corruptness. It's bought by the ruling class and they won't have it. They pushed all progressives to the side in 2016 and then in 2020. Biden has virtually betrayed all talking points to work with Sanders and AOC as those of us said he would. And they knew he would because they're part of the scheme. These people are there to keep the voting progressives and socialist in check.


@William_Mary Interesting ideas....thanks. Bernie Sanders has wide spread name recognition. Do you know any other socialist who has name recognition?

@nicknotes there's a woman on city council in Seattle that has held her position for a few years now despite hard opposition, especially from Amazon, who has spend millions attempting to unseat her. She was essential to getting the $15 an hour legislation passed. In New York, a socialist just won the primary for mayor in a city. I can't remember which city though. When I'm home and able to get to my resouces this weekend I'll look up the names and NY city.

@William_Mary I notice you did not refer to the woman in Seattle by name. Statistics show that name recognition is very important. My grandmother used to vote for only candidates with Italian last names....

@nicknotes I do so much reading it's nearly impossible for me to remember everyone's name. Plus she has an Indian name making it harder for me. I'm just a working class arm chair political commentator which a lot of time goes into some of these post when I need to search for relative aspects between old and new information I want to combine. And todays search algorithms don't make it easy anymore.

Her name is Kshama Sawant ---- [] Her party of choice is the Socialist Alternative

{The 2019 Seattle City Council election gained national attention after Amazon spent an unprecedented $1.5 million on the campaign.[54] The company, which is the largest private employer in the city,[55] contributed the funds to a political action committee operated by the Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce which backs candidates the chamber considers to be more "business-friendly".[56] The PAC supported Sawant's opponent in the race. Amazon became increasingly involved in city council politics after the passage of the Seattle head tax in 2018, which would have cost the company $11 million annually in order to fund public housing and homeless services.[55][57] Shortly after enacting the tax, the city council voted 7–2 to repeal it, with Sawant being one of the two dissenters.[58]

On November 5, 2019, Sawant was elected to a third term on the Seattle City Council.[59]}

That's to unseat a council woman mind you. From a company owned by the richest man on earth (closing in on 2 billion dollars) that pays virtually no taxes and doesn't want to start paying taxes to better the communities his companies are in.

Italian names....hmmmmm

@William_Mary Outside of Seattle only one person in a million knows her name. What do you think about Pramila Jayapal??


@nicknotes she looks good on record, but I see other areas of concern. I honestly don't know much about her though. I see she was "on the Mayoral Advisory Committee that negotiated Seattle's $15 minimum wage". Her record looks good as being a state representative in Seattle. But mind you, Seattle is a different animal than most other cities, let alone cities in other states, then go national where people are tamed by the most powerful.

On the national front --- "Described by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as "a rising star in the Democratic caucus" ---- henceforth serving as chair. She serves on both the Judiciary Committee and Budget Committee ---- are positions hard to come by for relatively fresh representatives with little experience in state seats, so quickly in national seats? ---- co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus ---- with the current war on socialism I should know as much about her as I do AOC. We should be hearing her making a lot of noise on fronts of that war and Biden's time to this point.

{The Justice Democrats, Progressive Caucus and Congressional Black Caucus all sing Biden’s praises despite the fact that he lied to them and to their constituents during the 2020 campaign. All of the policies that rank and file Democrats want to see realized are again left behind though their party has the power to enact them. Only fools believe that a Senate parliamentarian prevented inclusion of a minimum wage increase in the stimulus plan.}

{Biden’s friends in corporate media call him “transformational” and the living embodiment of FDR. It is ironic that Democrats must go so far back in history to find a name with such universal appeal. Such is the case after decades of neo-liberal Democratic policies that the party knows it can’t defend when it needs fodder for a propaganda campaign.}


You can't claim to be a progressive and be anywhere near satisfied with the current direction Biden is on or the negativity targeting you and your fellow progressives spoken policies.

Other areas of concern ---- worked for PaineWebber as a financial analyst ---- worked in sales and marketing for a medical company before moving into the public sector ---- I'd be interested in knowing how she raised funds for her national campaign. More, who contributed to her campaign.

{But while Jayapal, Khanna and Omar voted correctly on this bill and long-time leader of the Congressional Black Caucus Barbara Lee did not, all of these “progressive” Democrats in their first few months in office voted to keep the U.S. in NATO, and have repeated the imperialist line on Venezuela that characterizes Maduro as a dictator and questions the legitimacy of his election while opposing direct U.S. military intervention.} []

As I read through various articles related to Jayapal and her other relatively new "progressives", as I have in the past for them as negative representation, see her apparently of the same cloth. The Black Agenda Report has a long history of keeping track of its black representation with especially the black caucus. Often referring to them as the black elite who have sold themselves to capitalism and especially the warring aspect that is a main source that helps to keep it alive.

My search of Jaypal at the BAR gives you a number of articles correlated with Jaypal, caucuses, and proclaimed progressives. I would suggest this article to start with. []


@William_Mary Thanks for all the information. I'm very upset with Biden but don't know how this can be "fixed."

@nicknotes I see I'm not selling you into the socialist arena after attempting to draw you towards the SEP. I'm fairly certain I provided their link for you previously to explore? I didn't receive any address towards having read their page statement and below it the history within Trotskyism strongly based on Marxism.

All I ask is that maybe you continue to follow my post and further dive into other articles of my sources to compare with those you currently follow to recognize the potential of better based information. Or maybe you're just working off the current daily news cycle of radio and or TV which I assure you is purely perception management. This is my only way to challenge others towards possibly redeveloping their opinions to address that fix.

I'm sorry I don't respond on a daily schedule, but I work long hours often and do my best to respond to all genuine and sensible replies I can. I've have enjoyed our interactions immensely being so different than the usual programed rhetoric I get that totally lack intellectuality and or substance. You've been quite clear on your developed opinions and selectively precise on what you'd like to hear of mine. I can only hope I've been as clear in providing mine to keep your interest.

Fix? My argument here is it can't be fixed. It must be replaced with a totally new system. While I shutter to think of people who continue to support this same failed system buy voting within it, I understand why. I only wish that when the next Sanders stands up, a genuine person actually towards real change from outside the system, not a con artist from within, we manage to do the right thing finally.

Quite frankly, rather we vote or we all just stay home, the trajectory of our country will remain the same. Even in the small pockets of wins of progressives and socialist about us, the corporations and ruling class continue to find holes in those gains to oppress and poison us. They still spend more money on oppressing us than it would cost to create a better society. Our government still spends more money on unnecessary warring and colonialism rather than revert it to our society over false enemies. They've printed fake money into trillions between 2008 to today to keep a failed economy afloat for the benefit of the corporate and ruling classes while taking from us and sacrificing us in their wars. We all seem to just be willing to wait for the big collapse to do anything about it.

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