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When the state is controlled by corporations and the ruling class. The US is a corporate and ruling class state run communism. The state allows these people to dictate governing

laws and policies,

inequality in wages and homelessness,


environment to the extent they are permitted to poison lands and air virtually at will,

use a virus to create a major transfer of wealth within a false flag attack,

steal land for profit,

oppress freedom of speech with brutal actions,

unlawful and unnecessary deaths of our citizens and immigrants,


William_Mary 8 Aug 9
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I would also add that Marx's theory is quite scientific also in which it observes the effects of production and humanity in regards to the environment and resources. Democrat Socialism according to his theory must always be in a state of change to reduce materialistic ideology and harms on the planet which requires equality in regards to production internationally. Depleting any one region of resources without properly replenishment for benefit will never be beneficial for the world society or the environment. As the hoarding of employment which leads to over exploitation of workers. Which Trotsky made highly apparent in his calls for internationalism unity.

The disastrous handling of the covid epidemic in regards to running out of various aspects to combat it and deaths that it caused should be used as a prime example of how the works of Marx and Trotsky would most likely have prevented deaths and its spread. That China and her society actually showed much better results of. It was a united front that understands the relationship of society with their government to confront a societal enemy. Where western governments chosen enemy was their people, willing to sacrifice them for profits, rather than provide a production means with the ability to change formats to provide the needed various aspects to confront the virus. We fell divided within a silent compliance. Our warehouse full to serve materialism without a manufacturing means to change formats served us no benefits. Even when the knowledge of such a disease was a potential threat we were falsely delivered a narrative of being unprepared.

Yes, capitalism is totally, purposely, unprepared to serve society. While it surely was prepared to serve the ruling class. Now that materialistic ideology is costing us more to go with all the welfare they also received. That however is lost in the discussion of the socialism that it is. The negative effect on society will not be mentioned as socialism at our expense and will not be genuinely explained to expose capitalism for what it is.

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