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Biden is providing the scenario of what it would have been like if John McCain had been elected president. The story always changing depending on what crowd they are in front of and the failures they created with false narratives from the start.

Do any of you who voted for him even remember why you did now? Those issues are no longer an issue as they've been lost in chaos. And no one is holding his feet to the fire. All time is put into avoiding the colossal damage his administration created in leaving Afghanistan. The way he did it.

Why didn't they fight for their freedom? Because most of the terrorist have left the country. Once they're all out they can begin to build a better country and truly be free. There was approximately 19 years of proof they weren't going to fight as they did the same thing they've been doing all along. Laying down donated weapons to the Taliban and turning over territory and bases with equipment. What can you possibly believe the Taliban were using to make all their road side IED's with?

In the first years of Iraq, the old guard army who invaded all the weapons caches, you seen that on TV right, with our young men and women standing there watching it happen, used those weapons for the same purpose to later kill those standing and watching.

Have I mentioned how history leads to the truth, lately. The Biden administration and the MSCM are leading you from the truth.

William_Mary 8 Aug 20
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