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Can US Elections Really Be Stolen?

I'll argue that during and since at least 1980 that every election has been managed to place a predetermined candidate.

I however disagree with his answer to this problem. His own acknowledgment of issues, lacking Greg Palast Interstate voter erasures, will also be overwhelmed by his initial acknowledgments. Only a mass exit from voting for any establishment candidate can end the capture of the progressive nature he admits to us having. I have spoken on this many times here. The numbers are vastly in our favor. All we need to do is stand up and unite. Support our []

William_Mary 8 Aug 28
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Most eligible voters in America are either too demoralized to even think that their votes matter in fed elections, and of those that still do vote, they buy all the propaganda from the corporate media that voting third party is always a wasted vote, etc. And as long as that message remains so powerful, and that third party candidates get no mass media coverage, the remaining voters who keep voting will keep staying within the duopoly. I see no solution as long as the corporate media remains such a powerful influence, that third party candidates remain off mass media, except for the internet, and also shut out of presidential debates, and as long as unlimited money is allowed for the major party candidate's campaigns. I we had adequate public campaign financing for third party candidates in fed elections to be able to get on TV regularly, that might change things a lot, but it will never happen with the current laws and even then, the corporate media would probably just refuse to run their ads.

We forced Sanders into the prime time with 10's of millions in donations. While MSCM barely gave him a mention. Even Trump mentioned Sanders more than the MSCM did. Sanders also failed to use that money in TV and radio adds, on purpose I'll argue now. Don't mistake, like Clinton and the DNC did in 2016, by underestimating the numbers of people who want a change in social structure that are out there. They came out in such substantial numbers that the establishment had to rig that primary to get rid of him, and he had to show his true colors to help them. He exposed himself, the democratic party, the DSA, and Jacobin Magazine for what they are. A façade of representation on all fronts.

The right person in the right party with the ammunition that Sanders had has the ability to turn it all upside down. Sanders was neither. People like myself put Sanders at the top of the hill in DC in 2016 by using social media. It can be done again with the growing numbers of those who have awaken since. I see a lot more people on facehack who share my ideology and understanding of events just waiting for a genuine chance Sanders exploited for the ruling class. Giving up is not tolerated!

@William_Mary I hope you are right.

@TomMcGiverin me too :-/


They can always be stolen as long as most of the voting is done electronically with touch screen voting machines and no paper receipts, instead of paper only ballots so there can be accurate recounts. I would prefer a mix of mail in ballots and paper in person ballots, instead of what we have, but right now our federal postal system has been fucked up so badly and only getting worse with bipartisan support.

There's still no guarantee that paper ballots are counted without interference within the polling stations. There's simply no systematic procedure to evaluate votes between exchanges from voter to the rooms in the back where ballots end up. There are countless stories of where boxes get lost or are hidden and later reported as never counted. Whistle blower stories don't come out until it's to late. Always some poll worker who attempted to make a complaint that doesn't hit the public until the chosen one is granted as the winner. That's why I don't agree with Crispin's solution.

Then the loser, who usually is the false character claiming to support the people on leaning progressive issues more towards democrats, doesn't challenge the results. Gore, Kerry, Sanders, you can't possibly not recognize these more recent occurrences of the 2000's for each coming off the democratic and progressive side of our political arena. You have to begin to start questioning the resemblance and practicality of a orchestrated agenda taking place at some point. Especially when the GOP is currently and openly attempting an even more unbalanced voting process. And the democratic party is basically silent standing behind a bogus voters right issue based on an over glorified black elites name that's simply a rehash of laws relatively already in the books that are voided out as it is within all the present shenanigan's.

Our country is last or near last in so many aspects of society compared to all the rest of the westernized societies for a reason, suppression. We have plenty of examples where our systems are lacking behind and in dire need of advancement. Our voting process is on the top of the list. This isn't a coincidence, it's purposeful.

When a country that is under constant attack of being a tyrannical ran country as the vast majority of election viewers consistently give Venezuela's election process the highest marks on the planet, we have no choice but to question our own sense of democracy. What we are given is not a democratic process. Venezuela has 3 methods of running a secure and legitimate election process. You have a card to register, you're carefully examined when you check in to assure the card is yours, you vote on the machine your card goes into, it provides a paper trail. The system is periodically checked to make sure no one is tampering with it and the outcome, electronic and paper ballots come out virtually precise. You have 2 systems virtually working at the same time to assure an accurate count. What do we have? We have corporations who have a special interest in how our elections unfold in control of our machines, and constant questionable actions in our polling stations where anyone can walk off into secrecy and singly or jointly throw off and election.

The 2016 democratic primary exposed the greatest example of election fraud and tampering within caucuses alone that should have sent us screaming the notion we need change. Well, some of us did. Half the other primary process that year also had numerous indications of shenanigans also that court cases from were never heard of since. They just swept it all under the DNC and Clinton rug of corruption.

Changing the system isn't talked about for a reason. Agenda. And because there's still to many stuck in the indoctrination to stand up with us few. Tribal politics. When the Clinton supporters were to happy to have won, they helped the continuance to get a Trump rather than fight with the Sanders supporters for justice who would have beat Trump. They shit on themselves and the rest of us with them. Then many of them, to late, supported Sanders. So indoctrinated still, they didn't recognize how he betrayed us also, they'd vote blissfully again. And again. Biden. Same as the old boss.

@William_Mary Can't disagree with any of that. The Venezuala voting system sounds good, way better than America's.

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