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The spectacle of violence against Haitians at the U.S.-Mexico border needs to be seen in light of ongoing U.S. imperialism in Haiti.


The truth is that there would be no Haitian migrants at the US-Mexico borders if the US and its minions in the “international community” had not completely worked to snuff out Haiti’s sovereignty. There would be no Haitian migrants at the US-Mexico borders if the UN military occupation had not brought cholera to Haiti, killing more than 30,000 people. There would be no Haitian migrants at the US-Mexico borders if the US, the OAS , the UN , and the Core Group had not worked together to dismantle the state, installing right-wing puppets, and effectively turning Haiti into a colony of the U.S. and its allies.

U.S. imperialism in Haiti has created a crisis of Haitian immigration, forcing many out of the country. Haitian asylum seekers did not arrive directly from Haiti; they came from Brazil and other places in South and Central America. Brazil, for example, became accessible to Haitian people because Lula da Silva’s government headed the military wing of the U.S.-led, UN-enforced foreign occupation of Haiti that began in 2004. Opening up Brazil for cheap labor for the 2014 World Cup and for the 2016 Olympics apparently served as compensation for the brutality of its soldiers in Haiti.

William_Mary 8 Sep 23
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Thank the Clintons. I mean it's obviously an establishment issue, but everything I've read on it suggests the Clintons have done the most willing damage to Haiti.

You can find a number of stories from the past going into that Clinton Foundation corruption in mostly independent coverage. Recently the Red Cross made headlines.


Guess who got left out of the story though. Not that I agree with what the Red Cross did, but that isn't anything really new. Their very low percentages of money actually going to a cause has been known for a long time now.

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