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British ‘Perception Management’ in Colombia

The U.K. embassy in Bogotá has launched an environmentally-focused public relations project while Britain trains the country’s repressive security forces, Matt Kennard reports.


{Colombia is an important ally for Britain in South America, with a number of major mining companies listed on the London Stock Exchange operating in the country.}

In other words. Columbia is a vassal state of the dominating western nations. And they want their resources and cheep labor citizens, to comply.

{The president of Colombia, Iván Duque, who has been in power since 2018, represents the right-wing Democratic Centre Party (PCD) and is viewed as the chosen successor of controversial former President Álvaro Uribe.}

That's an oxymoron managed perception only used by a propagandist establishment and their owned MSCM.

{The documents also state that “as part of the groundwork for 2021,” the U.K. embassy hired a local communications agency to set up “a series of conversations with local high profile activists with the [U.K.] Ambassador.” These had “an environmental angle and helped the Embassy to boost U.K. connections, with the Ambassador able to reach a younger audience.”}

Would that be pro or opposing activist? That would help to explain the intent within the following.

{It added: “The engagement and access to an expanded network also allowed the Embassy to [have] much greater impact in other areas”, giving the example of a “specific case of [a] young environmental activist who was under threat from armed groups, drawing government attention to the case.”

Over half of the murders of environmental defenders around the world in 2020 were in Colombia, with some linked to those fighting U.K. corporate projects in the country.

An invitation to opposing activist would be a means to create a list of targets. It's not likely they would expose themselves considering the long history of operations of night time paramilitary raids where people are killed in their homes or coincidentally become missing. I'll remind you of Abby Martin's investigation there where people fear even speaking out due to these murders and tortures. I'll post that at the bottom for new/ish members.

{“The work that the Colombian government has done and continues to do to provide a safe environment in terms of sustainable investment … is really helping to provide long-term certainty to our investors and profitable opportunities for U.K. suppliers.”}

In other words. The years long program of killing and oppression has been paying off.

{In less than two months 43 protesters were reportedly killed, over 80 people with eye injuries from police projectiles and 28 cases of sexual assault. In addition, there were thousands of arbitrary arrests.”}

Empire Files: In the Deadliest Country for Unions & Social Leaders

In 2017, murders of social leaders, union organizers and indigenous activists in Colombia hit a new high since the historic peace agreement.

Empire Files' Abby Martin goes to Colombia to document the increasingly deadly situation for human rights activists.

Hear from an Afro-Colombian union leader under threat of assassination, and how the US Empire created this epidemic today.

William_Mary 8 Oct 17
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