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We Are Ruled By Apes With PR Firms: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

So yeah basically we're watching sociopathic oligarchs shore up more and more control over the global population and our electoral systems are rigged to prevent us from doing anything about it and our information systems are stacked to prevent mass-scale direct action against it.

You can't vote your way out of a problem you never voted your way into in the first place. You can't have a revolution while everyone is being successfully propagandized into accepting things as they are. Any solution is therefore going to have to come from somewhere they haven't secured.


Unless you vote for those outside of the system who confront the system.

{"Tax the rich" is a great banner for Democrats because it's completely meaningless. "Tax them" how much? Enough to level the playing field or a tiny percentage that won't make any real difference? It's perfect for Dems because it sounds revolutionary but is just more of the same.

"Tax the rich" in practice just means "Tax the rich a tiny amount more which will make no difference and will be rolled back the instant Republicans are in control." In practice slow, incremental change always means no change at all.}

{Those who want truth and health want things transparent, honest, and awake. Those who want untruth and dysfunction want government secrecy, propaganda distortion, and a deeply unconscious public. The latter are the ones in power right now. The former are trying to oust them.}

{Dysfunction and clear seeing cannot coexist, collectively or individually. If dysfunction is occurring, it's because something remains unseen. Our purpose here is to try and see it all; to let the human adventure behold itself from all different angles.}

I have and will continue to argue that many news sources will have you bouncing back and forth from dysfunction and coherent understanding, as they use a mixture of both realms. And you won't even be able to recognize it as you become a proverbial yoyo of their deceitful information. Whether it be due to various writers who contradict each others work, mildly or extremely, or a source who is controlled by intelligence agencies and PR firms. Chose you sources wisely or live blissfully, chaotically, with the vast numbers of the citizenship. When you share these types of deceitful information without the ability to explain the hidden incompetences in the information, you become a tool of your enemy.

William_Mary 8 Oct 25
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People who watch CNN, MSNBC, FOX, etc. would all say you and Caitlin are crazy lol

That's the problem. All the people that watch that establishment crap believe they're getting all the right information. Most of it reinforces their own beliefs already too. Is it the propaganda or is it their own natural disposition already? I'm sure it's some of both.

I've shown people studies on these news channels that show their government/corporate bias thoroughly, and people who cheer on the two party system shrug it off or deny it. The switch doesn't flip to put 2 and 2 together for them.

The leftist and the rightist have no genuine right to criticize the other. For they each commit the same ignorance's. And you can add most of the progressives and socialist who currently believe they can change the democratic party from within. The only difference between them is that a good percentage of them actually recognize the underlining problems we understand. While the vast majority are indoctrinated into party division with a hope theirs can create change benefitting the people, and glorification of certain politicians and MSCM reporters. The likes of Sanders and AOC killed a movement in 2016 that was about to blow the lid off the delusional reality these people are trapped in.

Virtually everything we are up against today is a result of the awakening that almost swept the entire nation in 2016. Assange, facehack, losing more rights, more secret surveillance, Jan 6th, just to mention a few. In which Rolling Stone is reporting since this last weekend was a consorted effort within meetings between GOP members, those who raided the Capital, in direct contact with Trump across the street the night before, planning on how to orchestrate the event.

I'm not just talking about TV MSCM though. I'm also referring to Internet sources which are just as harmful if not more harmful since more people are turning to them for information. Anyone of them can put out a explosive story, just as Rolling Stone has, then use other stories to pull people back down into the rabbit hole. Yes, I consider Rolling Stone to be one of those types of sources.

I've been waiting for the right source before posting about this new discovery. I first seen it from Mediate yesterday morning, then Truthout today. I'm about to decipher Truthout's article soon today.

@altschmerz I've railed against Johnstone in my own right over the years. Her constant attacks on the US and its people from a foreigner who seemingly ignored her own counties collaboration with the global ruling class began to wear thin on me. Her country has a mirror image of its own crimes and unethical practices on its natives and abroad. While her country offers its people more social benefits, much like Canada, compared to the US, these countries, or anyone in them, have no right to point fingers solely at us as a whole as though they are better. And the evidence of today indicating they both are facing their own changes towards fascism as we are speaks volumes. They also are showing signs of living blissfully as many as us. Credit due, Johnstone has been correlating this for about 2 years now compared to her initiation into blogging around 2016.

With all that said, anyone will play hell to debunk her work. Johnstone has a hell of a good track record behind her after all these years. Have you recognized why? Her initial work was primarily commentating from scratch, which over time transformed into gathering good news sources to work from. If you're a relatively regular follower you'll notice she often uses the same sources I do as a primary fact finder, and uses them to debunk MSCM deceptiveness.

While I stand staunchly behind Hedges, I have my own misunderstanding occasionally with him. It isn't often. Anyone who rails on Hedges is purely on an propaganda agenda bound course or a lunatic. He's on the same plateau as Robert Parry who spent time in war zones and discovered what the reality of empire building was actually about. Today we now find him on RT doing his show On Contact and his articles on the Internet because the NYT reprimanded him when he spoke out against the Iraq invasion. Same as Parry was pushed from MSCM writing. Hedges was conned into doing 3 articles on Iraq involving the Iraqis training foreign mujahedeen and a German scientist producing biological weapons in Iraq. He was set up with fake informants for those 3 articles. Then 2 more articles that same year being informed by Chalabi-coached defectors. That story also turned out to be false. He resigned in 2005.

Hedges believes the US is currently under siege of a power struggle between neoliberalism and nationalist. He actually just did a show on this recently, but it's a common ideology he throws out there occasionally. I however believe it's primarily just another divisional factor being orchestrated by the ruling class. The bottom line to me, even seemingly his, seems to point to collaboration with inaction by the democrat's.

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