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A record 26 children died from COVID-19 in the US last week

A record 26 children died from COVID-19 across the United States last week, according to the latest data from the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) released Monday. More than a third of all US child deaths from COVID-19, or 234 of the 584 total reported deaths, have taken place in the past three months, directly coinciding with the mass surge in cases among children due to the reopening of schools.


When WSWS gets it right, it often means bad outcomes are coming. Because 99.9% of the people who should be using the other side of their right analogy's to benefit from, and then apply this information to our power structure, fail us along with themselves.

As we were being sacrificed for corporate profits by our representation we were being warned by WSWS that the next stage would be our children. It came and gone with seemingly no sign that the population even cares. But they aren't untouchable yet. As winter sets in and the virus most likely will find a new life and new strain, maybe taking a look at the children now might awake a sense of resonation.

{The AAP report reveals deeply alarming levels of infection and death among children, yet there are still significant limitations of the data presented. Texas, Alabama and Nebraska have halted their reporting of child COVID-19 cases, while Michigan, Montana, New York (excluding New York City), Rhode Island, Utah and West Virginia do not report the age distribution of deaths and are thus excluded from the AAP cumulative death toll. Additionally, only 24 states including New York City report pediatric hospitalization data.}

Don't count on the MSCM to fully inform you. They work for the benefactors.

{Furthermore, nowhere in the US does there exist robust testing of symptomatic and asymptomatic cases among youth or real contact tracing measures to identify cases and the breadth of community spread. The entire AAP report must be scrutinized as only a distorted image of the dark reality of the impacts of COVID-19 on children.}

Once again, instead of tracing and shutting down the most infected areas, like adults, let the children die also. A message that should have been resonating as our governments were falsely distorting the scientific foundations to force open schools again.

{Both political parties are pursuing policies of “herd immunity,” or letting the virus rip through society, despite the posturing of Democrats and their backers in the trade unions that limited mitigation measures will stop the spread of the virus. The mainstream media is facilitating these policies by downplaying the severity of COVID-19 among children and the broader population, while pushing the narrative that the virus will inevitably become endemic.}

{On Sunday, October 24, the WSWS hosted a webinar titled, “ How to end the pandemic ,” which brought together some of the foremost scientists on the pandemic with workers who have led the struggle to expose unsafe conditions in schools and workplaces. Many of the panelists spoke directly to the impacts of COVID-19 on children and the reopening of schools.}

Read on to see some of the interactions in that webinar. It isn't an acceptable reality for our society. And our forth estate isn't and won't expose this information.

{“Capitalism made a decision in the beginning—it has not changed under the Biden administration, and in fact it has gotten worse in many ways}

William_Mary 8 Oct 27
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As with most 'controversial' postings I look thing up. There has been a lot on mainstream media (NPR, MSNBC) about the importance of developing a vaccine for kids which indicates there is a deep concern. Also this site gave numbers, [] Notice these numbers were all within this last week.

JackPedigo Level 9 Oct 28, 2021

I'm not quite sure where you're going with this Jack. Are you challenging the WSWS article on numbers? With a chart that to me seems inconclusive. Total youth deaths on this chart only come close to the number posted by the American Academy of Pediatrics for the past 3 months. That's including a 5-18 year old count which is deceiving in regards to those who are now old enough to get the vaccine. What substantial information can you provide to challenge the APP numbers?

Just because the MSCM is reporting the obvious "importance of developing a vaccine for kids" in no way gives me any confidence of "deep concern" being I recognize, and quite frankly, think I've done a good job of proving them as being a purposeful failed forth estate, indicating them have no concern for us. Their job is to diminish any sense of deep concern we might muster up to confront their owners, who pay their large incomes and or fund their stations such as NPR, especially.

Another narrative in the WSWS article is location of deceptive, now lack of information. I don't seem to be able to find a link to what locations these numbers are going off of on the chart functions.

{The AAP report reveals deeply alarming levels of infection and death among children, yet there are still significant limitations of the data presented. Texas, Alabama and Nebraska have halted their reporting of child COVID-19 cases, while Michigan, Montana, New York (excluding New York City), Rhode Island, Utah and West Virginia do not report the age distribution of deaths and are thus excluded from the AAP cumulative death toll. Additionally, only 24 states including New York City report pediatric hospitalization data.}

Which I also highlighted above as a direct point to confront for you or anyone who would take time to read it and the article. I searched the site for quite some time but was unable to find anything geographically other than comparisons of urban and rural like figures.

I'll suggest that it be reasonable to question the CDC being I've read a number of reports considering them of providing dubious actions on various matters in regards of the virus. They have their connections to the ruling class and health industry that should bring pause to anyone who understands the interactions of this nature of relationships. Quite frankly, I find it odd you would rely on a chart so incomplete to challenge a source that has provided its own sources, by going to those sources and develop a debate over their findings with substantial innovation. This chart by the CDC is a ludicrous example that doesn't correlate with the narrative or numbers. The only numbers on the chart that seem to provide any reality is the total death count.

@William_Mary Sorry, I may have gotten confused as the length and breadth of the posting was unclear to me. Also, I give more credence to a respected news source as MSNBC and the CDC than the little known World Socialist web site. I have been hearing a lot about child death rates from many different medias and, yes, some other group may try and depress those numbers but the overall concern is still there. The statement " full media blackout regarding the record number of child deaths this week and the ongoing mass infections among young people. " was what motivated me to supply my link. It is not a full media blackout.

Some of us don't have the time nor inclination to go into each posting deeply and so do a scan to try and get a general feeling. The problem is, too many sites, especially web sites, are using flawed data to get a certain (theirs) viewpoint across.


{The problem is, too many sites, especially web sites, are using flawed data to get a certain (theirs) viewpoint across.}

When one applies that to the other but not their own, leads to a managed perception. You become intent on challenging a source that might provide more and better information over a source that is a proven provider of negative propaganda. This is also a vast mistake when partisan party supporters are indoctrinated to over look their own party's crimes and unethical practices while only noticing them being committed by their opposing party.

MSNBC is a major propaganda machine in which I can and have essentially provided a number of reasons to never trust that entity. Russiagate --- needs no more words.

The fact that WSWS has correctly exposed the deception of numbers in MSCM which they have not fully covered, giving their viewers only a partial account of information, speaks volumes. That is a full consorted blackout of delivering only a partial truth which is a purposeful deception.

I'll challenge you to a exercise within a period of analyzing articles from the WSWS, making post on any article in which you can challenge and substantially debunk anything they produce. I'll especially welcome any of your MSNBC content knowing I can decipher their information of its flaws and deceptions, information they leave out to manufacture a distorted view. I'll take virtually any talking point they manufacture against someone or republicans as a whole and find the same talking point to be used against the democrats in most cases. They are every bit of being guilty of applying a issue negatively to one side while ignoring that issue in regards to the same side they defend.

I'll argue there are no respected MSCM sources. Especially MSNBC! Your only prospect of finding factual information on a full scale that covers all sides of an issue is on the Internet today. Even RT who has some of the best news programs has its own certain programs I highly question. Those I watch on RT are the only TV sources that can be considered nearly respectful. And in regards to the Internet, it's a select few that deliver clear and unbiased information without also providing questionable information.

The fact that you claim MSNBC is respectable only tells me you haven't learned when you're being deceived and probably living within the indoctrination of a delusional reality. Anyone who can claim a sense of respect towards an entity that has clearly been caught lying and deceiving the public doesn't know how to decipher the information they're getting, and or doesn't have the ability to even collectively apply a sense of questioning that information. Even as I stanchly support the WSWS site, I occasionally question some of their ideology on certain realms. But that isn't based on facts and discovery or historic events, it's purely ideology. All of MSCM distort history and facts to manufacture a perception. That has been proven within 80% of the information they deliver having been manufactured for them by public relation firms, NGOs, and think tanks that are owned by the ruling class who also own all of MSCM.

Watch this segment of this discussion. Then I highly suggest you begin from the beginning.


In some areas if there is any attempt to shut things down or mandate mitigation measures people receive death threats - as was the case when Dr. Larson suggested maybe not having the rodeo and fair for a second year. Numbers were on the decline and then the 4th of July happened. An uptick had started and by the Labor Day weekend it was not looking good. Then school opened. Since September 6th (the end of the rodeo and fair) there have been over 460 new cases and 11 deaths. Thing is I don't know the age break down on those figures, it's not on the county website. I know there were staff and kids because one school stated they would not enforce the state mask mandate and sure enuff there was an out break but because some wore masks and some did not contact tracing was next to worthless. The 2 supermarkets I tend to shop at require masks and the employees follow the rules but their suppliers who bring in soda and chips, etc. do not all comply and then there are the customers . . . . On the plus side I can see who not speak to about any of these concerns/issues and I'll get the stink eye if I even make eye contact with someone not masked. I never stopped wearing a mask when I go shopping.
2 weeks ago there were no ICU beds available at the 1 hospital in my county.

That's because our society has been indoctrinated into conflicting divisions. This provides a secure agenda to benefit the ruling class who are presently maneuvering to control all of society. Enabling them to benefit from this virus. If you compare the westernized nations to Asian and Latin American socialist nations, you'll find the answers to who are or aren't experiencing a radical difference in affections and deaths.

China as a primary example, just last week locked down another area due to a outbreak. Their people understand the importance of a united society for the benefit of all making this an easy achievement. Compared to us in the US and Europe, where especially there they are protesting near riot proportions against mask and shut downs. Here in the US it's more of a free for all. Survival of the fittest and or intellectual. Most people in this regard have absolutely no coherent understanding or ability to contemplate this foreign concept due to indoctrination.

I had my wellness check up a little over a month ago. I'm going back and forth with my doctor over getting the vaccine. Mary and I have been debating on whether to get it, with this new delta shit out, knowing it's only going to mutate getting worse, he suggested the moderna provided more benefits and safer one. So it was, even though we did all the right things when out of the house, not wanting to chance one of us losing the other. But as we're going back and forth I brought up the conditions between the US and China at one point stating numbers and shut downs. Now mind you this is a collage educated doctor who comes at me with something along the lines of----yea but they shut down with the army holding them in with machine guns, then bellows out with a laugh. That blew my god dam mind. No point in going anywhere else in this conversation? That's pure mindless indoctrination. That's where we're at in the US among collage educated people, apply that to the normal citizenship!

Mary tells me she sees the same when she goes to the stores here. They no longer provide sanitation wipes for the carts either. The numbers are county to county with various hospitals going into being maxed out, periodically returning to certain areas. I haven't heard anything on school numbers for Ohio in the news.

In regards to Latin America, all those under sanctions are doing bad due to shortages. Those colonialized are even larger hot beds. Anywhere that is touched by the west and its capitalist system are killing fields. Including Russia!

@William_Mary I sure do wonder where the idea of the greater good went.
That the citizens of Chinaare willing to accept the lockdowns to control the spread is excellent. On the other had there is still the spector of Tiananmen Square. But New Zealand, S. Korea, Tiawan, etc. have their citizens willing to work together to curb the spread shows ya don't need no stinkin' badges.
I went ahead back in April and got the Phizer because that was what was available. I think the Moderna supply was better 2 week after I got the first shot of Phizer and back then both were concidered equal as far as efficacy and before the Delta arrived.
In some ways Americans are more indoctrinated than the people of China.

@silverotter11 well we didn't quite get the full story of Tiananmen Square either. There was a third group involved in that horrible incident our media didn't cover. During the initial protest the students and soldiers were peacefully interacting with each other. A third group made up of militants opened fire on both the students and soldiers which laid out the scene of high casualties on both sides. That is what initiated the hard crackdown by the government the next day.

Anything but the Johnson and Johnson! Don't trust anything made by them.

@William_Mary Well fuck fuck fuck!! No of course I did not know about the back story.
I read up on the research on the mRNA and I checed the full ingredient list for the Pfizer vaccine so I felt okay with getting it.
Course we pull the same shit here.
I have 2 different friends who live in Portland and back when the media was giving the impression the whole damn city was on fire they're e-mailing me that it's all going on in a 2 block stretch and that outsiders are causing almost exclusively all the problems.

@silverotter11 the Pfizer is fine. I forget why he chose moderna over it, but it wasn't much different.

China was in the middle of a struggle between the working class and capitalist which the students just happen to fall in-between. A political reform was under way. The crack down was also a means to expand capitalist restoration. Not primarily against the students. During which were several days of protest a degree of the army left the protest refusing to crack down on the students. It's really a long gory story that I'd have to look up a few articles to compile a decent recollection on.

@William_Mary That was happening at a time when I was sort of homeless. I had somewhere to stay but it was very temporary and work in the printing industry was a bit hard to find. Life was in a bit of an upheaval. I do remember now that you mention the political reform and the capitalist and working class mess going on but it was really out on my peripheral awareness.

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