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The Democratic Party Will ALWAYS Be This Way: Notes From The Edge Of The Narrative Matrix

{A regime which legally extradites and imprisons journalists right out in the open for reporting on its crimes is more evil and more tyrannical than a regime which disappears journalists in secret, because its entire system supports such acts of tyranny and publicly asserts that it is fine. At least the ones who hide it are tacitly acknowledging that it is immoral by hiding it instead of proudly demonstrating its fascism in broad daylight.}


{The Democratic Party is doing exactly what anyone who knows anything predicted it would do when they reclaimed the White House and the Senate and it’s going to be rad watching American liberals learn exactly zero lessons from it.}

Maybe some of you remember the debates we had prior to the 2020 election cycle, the lack of substance provided by supporters of Biden and others, and the party as a whole, when confronted with factual information and prior tendencies from history. I particularly remember Piece2YourPuzzle and I having participating in long debates on at least 2 threads with one particular person, and at least a couple other people who eventually now shadow the group. One of which made a false claim about me on another post afterwards on a reply to a comment from someone else.

Along with false claims, in virtually every instance during those debates were common elements found which support the foundation of this group, which are detailed within the opening of the group and 2 pinned pages at the top of the message board. NOTE: I would hope anyone new/ish who has come to the group of late gave us the respect to have read these. Those actions of indoctrination were attempting to change the narrative of the subject matter, taking the information out of context, taking our comments out of context, in some cases to build false accusations on me by at least 2 previous visiting members, refusing to recognize their own unethical actions when confronted on them, seemingly incoherent to that and to address specific discovery when applied to the debate, again attempting to change the narrative and context of information and history. While I became a target of at least 2 people who decided to create a ganging up on me, I believe I recall Piece2YourPuzzle also was a victim of some unethical derogatory remarks from a certain person, despite his patience in attempting to conduct a genuine debate .These are all derogatory matters found on social media that hinder a sense of genuine discovery of what we face today in the realm of the news cycle for us to be intellectually informed.

{Right after Biden was sworn in I wrote that the next two years are going to be the Democratic Party at its most transparent, because the Democratic Party exists to kill all leftward movement in the most powerful government on earth.}

I feel quite secure out here on the limb I went out on prior to the 2020 election cycle of considering Biden, Harris, the entire democratic party, along with any sense of the progressives, have virtually manifested into exactly as I and some here predicted. I'll also argue that in a large degree have proven to be worse than Trump and his administration, having as each president since the Reagan era extended the downfall of American society as a whole, inequality, and horrific foreign issues on every aspect. As his cabinet predictions came and gone, those of us who made our conjectures known using the history and people they are correlated to to make predictions of outcome, again, I think we all feel safe out on that limb. There has been virtually no change in any of the issues that we were facing under 4 years of Trump as a positive for our society as a whole, but has gotten worse, again. Quite frankly, it seems the democrats are doing a great job of setting up another republican take over.

William_Mary 8 Oct 29
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