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The Pentagon as Pentagod

😟 America’s true god is a deity of wrath, whose keenest followers profit mightily from war and see such gains as virtuous, while its most militant disciples, a crew of losing generals and failed Washington officials, routinely employ murderous violence across the globe. It contains multitudes, its name is legion, but if this deity must have one name, citing a need for some restraint, let it be known as the Pentagod. 😟

Paraphrasing Joe Biden, show me your budget and I’ll tell you what you worship. In that context, there can’t be the slightest doubt: America worships its Pentagod and the weapons and wars that feed it.


{That ultimate deity can’t even pass a simple financial audit to account for what it does with those endless funds shoved its way, yet our representatives in Washington keep doing so by the trillions. Spectacular failure after spectacular failure and yet that all-American god just rolls on, seemingly unstoppable, unquenchable, rarely questioned, never penalized, always on top.}

It isn't that they can't, it's because they can't. If they did it would expose all the funding that went into supporting terrorist groups throughout the Middle East. Group by group, at least 28 by some reports within the manufactured Syria war alone. By both our military and CIA. Towards the fake rescuers White Helmets and fake hospitals associated with them, itemize all that, chemical weapons used in 2 incidents, itemizing weapons and machinery left to be taken by terrorist to Syria from Iraq. Generously speaking.

Now still going, but funding both sides of a civil war in Iraq that much of that weaponry eventually made its way to Syria also after the obliteration of 3 major cities. Payments to sects towards a facade to quell the civil war on multiple occasions. Yemen. Commanders going into Afghanistan each time troop movements were made carrying duffel bags of cash to hand out. Paying the manufactured enemy to be an enemy, or not within fake fighting, paying cronies to monopolize the poppy farming for their own benefits. 20 years of weaponry and machinery going to the Taliban each time they raided a base or police station, other terrorist groups.

Now add on the money that went into funding and supporting a full fascist over throw of Ukraine. If an itemized list became pubic for all these unethical practices, which independent souses have been attempting to expose that a vast amount of our population don't know about, or believe when we speak about it, it just might create a social disturbance the MSCM has been keeping in check.

What you also don't get is the vast amount of money that goes into a vast network of news firms, relation firms, and NGO's who work with the military and intelligence agencies to covertly work both inside and outside of these countries to provide information to aligned groups and manufacture mis/disinformation we receive from our MSCM. And of course, all the CIA operations that go on in the background we never hear about. You'll only know about this vast network if you use The Grayzone and the Mint Press News as I do. Who provide this information in their articles and links within that give insight on how they operate, amount of money they receive, and details of these deceptive entities.

William_Mary 8 Nov 22
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