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Obituary for Russiagate

The fraudulent fable has died, but its consequences live on.

There is a positive dimension to the media’s fate since Russiagate, and regular readers of this column may already guess where I am headed. The disaster Russiagate has proven for the corporate-owned press, the networks, and the “left” — with-quotation-marks — press has landed independent media such as Consortium News with large, new responsibilities, and they have by-and-large risen to the occasion. Their role in keeping the truth of the Russiagate fraud on the table cannot be overstated.

We witness, in effect, an historically significant transformation in how Americans get their news and analysis. This, a gradual process, is an excellent thing. In time, independent media stand to play as important a role in repairing the across-the-board damage of Russiagate as legacy media played in hatching and deepening it.


{Some mainstream newspapers — certainly not all — are busy in their archives, editing out the worst of the falsehoods they reported in 2016 and 2017 as unassailable fact.}

{There are, as one would expect, those who seem determined to hold out no matter what the factual evidence. These go well beyond MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, whose record I will let speak for itself.}

Maddow, the worse of the worse, and MSNBC, should be pushed into oblivion for largest and longest con job on the American citizenry for helping to cover up the worse example of vote tampering and interference of the largest social democratic movement of American history in open sight. And kick Sanders ass out right along with them. It's one thing to be mindless of the hidden republican methods of voter suppressions that both of our 2 establishment parties politicians and media won't expose, I've posted them time after time here for everyone to know of, that's simply understandably ignorance of indoctrination to those who don't though, what happened in 2016 though was widely being exposed in social media by independent sources and the likes of myself to a point if you didn't get it, you just didn't want to get it. Virtual suffocation on indoctrination. Probable cause created by tribal politics that MSNBC depends on for its followers to be trapped in. Wiping out what could have been the best socialist movement that most American's are favored towards at best, more likely though, exposing Sanders and the squad for the frauds they are to provide all American's of the reality of our government.

2016 as it went down though provided them the best means to keep us divided, and the country moving towards fascism. In which every aspect since exposed how both parties and MSCM are collaborate to those who are genuinely paying attention.

{This leads us to the essential question we now face, or one of them. What are the consequences of the Russiagate scam? If it rested on lies start-to-finish, this is not to say it did not exact its price. It did. The price is high, and we are fated to pay it for some time to come.}

We've been paying for ever since. Virtually everything we see today is the result of this being allowed to go without intellectual confrontation. Not only has nothing changed from then, but in many regards are worse. It all ties back to 2016.

{No subtlety of thought survives in the culture of unreason. Public space is populated with poseurs, cutouts, and imposters. Public discourse, with some exceptions, is much of the time not worth bothering with.

To understand this condition, we must recognize it as the work of a diabolic alliance comprised of the Democratic Party’s corrupt leadership, the F.B.I. and other law-enforcement agencies, the national security apparatus and its many appendages, and the media. It is no longer in the slightest objectionable to speak or write of a Deep State that controls this country.}

{“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” CIA Director William Casey.}

Mission accomplished.

{“When I was a cadet, what’s the cadet motto at West Point? You will not lie, cheat, or steal or tolerate those who do. I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stole. We had entire training courses. It reminds you of the glory of the American experiment,” United States Secretary of State and former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director Mike Pompeo}

Seriously, it's all there beating us over the head. The entire history since Europeans hit the shores, Mexico, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, evidences such as above. That history is recycled from incident to incident, nation to nation. We're currently watching the next great depression in the works after 100 years. The same financial ponzi schemes that the 1900s brought fascism to life in Europe, with the help of the global capital elite. Global capitalism off the backs of the global society doesn't fucking work.

{The elite minority this alliance represents derives its power from its claim to speak for the majority — an absolutely classic case of the “soft despotism” Alexis de Tocqueville warned Americans of 190 years ago. Liberal authoritarianism is another name for what has consolidated itself in the years since Democrats, in mid–2016, first raised the phony specter of Russia “hacking” into its mail systems.

In effect, Russiagate has tipped the American polity upside down. It is the illiberal liberals among us, righteous as the old Puritan ministers of New England, who now prosecute a regime of censorship and suppression of dissent that is at least as severe and anti-democratic as what conservatives had going during the Cold War (and in my view worse).}

Sometimes it would do me good to read before I think and type out a comment. It would save me time. But it does make me feel good to see I'm getting it, just worded another way. What is America, the United States? Virtually we are merely another colony of the Little City of London. We became a land of serfs no different than Australia, Canada, parts of Asia, parts of Latin and South America, Middle East, Africa, Eastern Europe. We also became the main might of enforcement for their global capitalist system since WWII for their agenda. Democracy and freedom be damned.

{It is they who seek to cow ordinary Americans into the new, weird idolatry of authority, no matter that those to whom the nation is urged to bow are proven liars, law-breakers and propagandists.}

{There is, of course, the more dangerous world Russiagate has done so much to create. In the culture of unreason, the Deep State has a discouraging record of success in gaining wide public support for any aggressive campaign against any nation or people it wishes to act against.

In this dimension, Russiagate has destroyed the Democrats as a party willing to stand against the imperial project in its late phase.}

In other words. We'll be just as subservient to send our children, families, off to foreign lands to be virtually murdered again as in Iraq and Afghanistan for the benefit of the ruling classes corporations and military industrial complex. Afghanistan went from the capture of a single terrorist to a fraudulent spread of democracy and freedom without notice. Where billions were handed out freely to enemies and cronies of the government, along with other various unethical measure. Costing nearly 3000 American lives with scores physically and mentally harmed. Innocent civilians deaths, we'll never know the real count.

In Iraq nearly 5000 deaths, repeat the rest of the above, hundreds of thousands more in civilian deaths. The result of one lie after another for fraudulent reasonings. Virtually murder for a hard truth, if you can handle the truth. So much for support your troops huh? For more on how our government really views your solider, see this weeks Vice Episode of While the Rest of Us Die Pandemic Profiteers []
jump to 25:37 and 31:17 if you don't want to watch the whole episode for now. Find how they've been used as guinea pigs right up to this today even during this virus.

{We have active subversion operations in Nicaragua, Venezuela, Cuba and Peru, all progressive states in the true meaning of this term, and Democrats of all stripes — including “progressives” with the necessary quotation marks — cheer on every one of them.}

Democracy and progressives are a fallacy in the US. Capitalism, power, and the fake enrichment that comes with it is their god.

{The long list of those who caved to the Russiagate orthodoxy includes some stunning names. Among publications that should have known better we find Mother Jones, The Nation, The Intercept, and Democracy Now! Was it conformity, pressure from donors or Democratic Party ventriloquists, or some combination of ideology, ignorance and inexperience that caused them to flip?

The Atlantic, The New Yorker, the major dailies, the networks — they have all sustained one or another degree of discredit, left either to craven rewrites in their archives, denial in the Corn–Frum mode, or silence. None will do: They will never regain lost ground without first acknowledging what they have done, and this appears out of the question.}

These are the entrapments within the rabbit holes I attempt to warn about regularly. You have to be able to recognize the discrepancies and irregularity of their information to avoid the rabbit holes they're willing to drag you into. Multiple writer sites where one's story contradicts another writers story is a red flag to have concern. My sites all have writers that virtually share the same agenda but different view points from writer to writer. Depending on experience and or from the perspective of investigative journalism or commentator.

{Think about it: Lengthy hearings on Capitol Hill, in which leading Democratic Party Russiagaters admit under oath they never had any of the evidence they long claimed, go unreported. The collapse of the Steele dossier goes unreported in The New York Times and other major dailies.

It is but a short step to all else that is newsworthy but left out — the collapse of the case against Julian Assange (against whom the Russiagate frenzy was wielded), the collapse of the chemical weapons case in Syria, all the above-noted covert subversions.

It is wholesale dereliction of duty now, and it was Russiagate that licensed this betrayal.}

William_Mary 8 Dec 4
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